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Thee launch of the anniversary of the Perle Tahiti at the 1st Symposium of the Pearl of Tahiti to the Presidency of French Polynesia was held on the 20 January 2011.

This first symposium Tahitian Pearl organized by the Maison de la Perle proposed to pearl industry professionals an overview of different topics related to this sector. On this occasion, President of French Polynesia, Gaston TONG SANG and the Minister of pearl, M. FOSTER Temauri proceeded to the house side of the Pearl at the official launch of the 50th anniversary of the Pearl of Tahiti.

Several workshops organized discussion and reflection in the afternoon helped to address various topics including :

- The’History the Perle de Tahiti ;- Quality Charter for jewelers Polynesian ;
- Promotional strategy ;- The classification, Pricing Schedule and expertise Pearls Tahiti
- The presentation of the new Website of House of Pearl : ;
- Production and health aspects presented by the department of pearl ;
- Control of exports pearls and pearl also presented by the department of pearl.

In the second part of the day, the official launch of the 50th anniversary of the Pearl of Tahiti began with the visual presentation of institutional will be used throughout the year 2011 during the event and the local and international media campaign.

To commemorate this prestigious event of the provisional program established with the aim to promote the Tahitian Pearl 5 continents was also presented.
The day ended with a cocktail that has been the opportunity to continue the rich exchanges that marked this day.

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