TheIn fifty years is the perle Tahitian cultured will be celebrated on five continents throughout the year 2011.

Oceania : French Polynesia
– America : Canada /USA
– Europe : France / Russia
– Africa : Morocco
– Asia : Chine / Hong Kong / Inde / Japon

« La Perle de Tahiti, une beauté naturelle et unique depuis un demi-siècle »

The 2 visual 50 years of the Tahitian cultured pearl
As part of the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Pearl of Tahiti, House of Pearl presented 2 visual communication that two local companies have developed and used as a promotional tool throughout the year 2011.

These visuals are just like the Tahitian pearl : elegant, on, refined, both blue color, paying tribute to the ocean.

The visual internationally : « a natural and unique beauty for half a century »
"In this visual, we celebrate 50 years of the Tahitian Pearl, its natural beauty and unique.
Blue with its variants, was chosen as a backdrop because it is the color of sky and sea.
Infinity symbol, he invites us to dream and to’escape spiritual. By extension, it evokes peace, calm, pleasure. It resulted in a huge freshness purity. Blue is the royal color. In ancient Egypt, blue personifies the creative woman giving birth, as the sea and the pearl gives life to the Pearl.
In blue background, one can see a series of circles. The circle, him, symbolizes perfection and full.

It represents the whole universe. If the pearl is round, most of the time, it is certainly not a coincidence. Pearl is a creation of nature dressed in its many colors and, as well as the universe, it represents the perfection of creation. The circle inspires calm and serenity.

La Perle ” Meherio”, voted the most beautiful Tahitian Pearl 2010, is placed together with the "L” Pearl of the word and the concentric circles simply to associate the symbolic expression of these geometric shapes. One can guess the blue swirls expressing the movements of the universe and life contained beneath the surface of our oceans.

La frise Polynesian is placed there as evidence to assert and claim the origin of the Tahitian Pearl. And all these myriads of stars recalling the sky also contributes to the color of the water, come celebrate the half-century beauty queen.

The visual, by the choice of color and forms the component, expresses the creation in all its perfection…”

Realization : Claire Schwob
Realization : Claire Schwob Production :
Type : Series magazines Theme : Pearl of Tahiti Title : House of Pearl Synopsis : The House of the Tahitian Pearl organizes throughout the year numerous events. Symposium, auction sale, competition… There magazine suggested divers reports witnessed the major events that the House of Pearl implements. Unit length : of 2 to 19 minutes Episodes: 4 Language : French Formats : 16 9th, the webtv of Tahiti and her Islands : your virtual trip to French Polynesia through hundreds of video

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