Michel and Ghislaine : this is a dream destination. With friends, when you look at the pictures, any dream ! We had a great opportunity to celebrate : our thirty years of marriage, So we thought it was like a new honeymoon. And as to a honeymoon dream, therefore Polynesia, it was perfect. What we liked more : the scenery, peace, birds, friendly people, always with a smile, a quiet ! It's good to see people like that. This is magical, we can only love Polynesia, this is not criticism…

Xavier : we did the Leeward Islands and it was amazing. Bora Bora Maupiti et, extraordinary, very nice ! It was walking on the lagoon, the beach, of boat, du kayak, des petites excursions dans la mountain, full of things like that, and we liked everything !

Mr. and Mrs. Antonin : we already had the opportunity to come and really you take pleasure each time to return to the country. We went to Fakarava this year. We almost an atoll each year. It was the lazy, it was the bronzing, we biked, we did a little bit of fishing.

Michel and Ghislaine : the next few years, not necessarily next year, but we will return. The journey is still very long.

Xavier : we were surprised to see such waste in Bora Bora on the roadside but we do not have eyes on it all the time. Return depends on finances because it's expensive even when the trip !

Mr. and Mrs. Antonin : we expect a very long time to save luggage.

Realization : Claire Schwob
Realization : Claire Schwob Production : Creative.tv
Type : Series of vox pops Theme : Impressions visitors Title : Lyrics of visitors Synopsis : « Lyrics of visitors » gives us an appointment to’airport Tahiti, and takes on the bright notes and reflections Tourists from around the World, after stay française en Polynésie. Issues, impartial, emphasize, as evidence that stays positive, sometimes, some critics… Unit length : 2 minutes Episodes: 10 Language : French Formats : 4/3

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