Cand flight nous fait découvrir ce peuple de navigateurs.

In ancient times, Polynesians traveled in "pahi", grande canoe double, to transport their families, their animals, their plants, all the paraphernalia necessary for the colonization of other lands.

Today, deeply rooted in Polynesian navigation remains a much-used means of transport, The canoe, single or double remains the national sport of Polynesia.

We meet these browsers, grâce à ces images vues du sky nous les apercevons sous un angle différent.

Realization: Landry Tavaearii
Realization: Landry Tavaearii Production : Blue Lagoon Productions
Type : Series magazines Theme : Aerial views of French Polynesia Title : Flight Polynesian Synopsis : for two minutes, we leave the mainland to fly, music, the landscapes Extraordinary five archipelagos Polynesian. The lagoons reveal their myriad blue, the horses Canopies soar gallop before our eyes… Polynesian is a real flight escape. Unit length : 2 minutes Episodes: 10 Language : French Formats : 4/3, the webtv of Tahiti and her Islands : your virtual trip to French Polynesia through hundreds of video

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