Titaua was born in Tahiti but it is on the island of Bora Bora she lived for more than 10 years.

In 1979 then aged 13 years, Titaua participated in a film produced by Rafaella De Laurentiis (backdraft, heart of dragon…). For this film, producer looking for a girl who would resemble the main actress (Maren Jensen) in its role, child, and thus to the output light Titaua school, it was chosen for the role. Titaua appears in 20 first minutes of the film, you discover at the same time landscapes beautiful island of Bora Bora and underwater images from this period. Among the extras, many people will recognize.

Rocked by music Tahitian, it is towards a more jazzy blues music, rock blues, RandB she gets caught.

She performed in various hotels luxury Bora Bora, then released his debut album, achieved in Bora Bora 2007, "From darkness to light", mixture of Polynesian rhythms and international music. It is composed of 14 securities, compositions Tahitian language (local language) and French.

Source : www.boraboravideo.com

Realization : M. Colombel, C. Lopez, F. Thomas
Realization : M. Colombel, C. Lopez, F. Thomas Production : Magiccamera productions
Type : Video clips Music Theme : The singers and groups Polynesian Title : Video clips Synopsis : All music videos Polynesian. Unit length : 4 minutes Episodes: 8 Language : French Formats : 4/3

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