Andves Gentleman : the domain circuit Metuari'i is undoubtedly one of the prettiest on the island. The first part is easily practiced in 4×4 with still some steps where you have to leave the vehicle.

For the second part against ridge, but without major difficulty, will be required to walk. Different stages from the beginning, as you can see here the taro field Vaiovi with Matona behind, taro which is still the legend of the mermaid came Orovanu steal of taro Rurutu, and cliff, Matona where the king at the time, when the missionaries arrived in 1821 have hidden objects belonging to the family. Only a guardian knew access to the cave and sent the secret from father to son who disappeared with the last son in Otare 1914.

The local vegetation is very rich, is located in the wild. There are tarua along the tracks, is found from the vanilla wild, there is also here as the rea Tahiti, le of saffron’Oceania, the island is covered.
Here we are on the small end of the runway Tavae, on the lookout overlooking the village of Moerai. We clearly see the temple, the largest building in the village, the port and cliffs that surround the village.

The tarodière en bas, it is the garden of the village, whole village feeds here. Means back the white-tailed, « tavae » en Rurutu, and during the season of quickening in July, there are tens and tens future lay in the cliffs so be careful where you walking when you take the small track.

Peva circuit located south of the village of Moerai a distance of about six kilometers has no major difficulties. It can even be practiced in all four×4 on foot. It corresponds to the old road which joined Moerai to Auti.

Geology will be particularly highlighted on this circuit in a first cascade Vairere, the caves Taupe, where there is still some need some fitness. Then, the marae ua mua, ancient archaeological site of Rurutu, the Makatea, with various caves.

We are now up to the point in the cave Arei Taneuapoto, last stage of our circuit Peva. Taneuapoto a well-known legend of Rurutu : a warrior returning the evening of the fishing his wife does not find his son. He went to see the caves, and there he found cannibals feasting with his son. He therefore all connected and it follows, a great war was declared on Rurutu, is the origin of the name of this cave : Taneuapoto

Realization: Claire Schwob
Realization: Claire Schwob Production : Tahiti nui companies
Type : Series magazines Theme : Wildlife et Flore Francaise de Polynésie Title : Hiking in French Polynesia Synopsis : French Polynesia, allows hikers, amateur or professional, to discover its beautiful landscapes. A few hours, sometimes several days running and most secret sites, the most wonderful, surrender observers, always amazed surprise the greenery of the interior of the island. Unit length : 4 minutes 30 second Episodes: 7 Language : French Formats : 4/3, the webtv of Tahiti and her Islands : your virtual trip to French Polynesia through hundreds of video

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