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Pquite a day Raiatea on board of one of the two yachts (Tia Moana and Tu) the company cruise Bora Bora cruises.

According to the ancient, Raiatea ” the cradle of Polynesia ” ; its fragments would have created Tahaa, the neighboring island, then Moorea Tahiti et.

The legend also tells that ancient travelers sailed River Faaroa to discover and colonize Hawaii and New Zealand. Beyond the myths and legends, Raiatea vous offre de magnifiques landscapes et de fonds sous-marins qui ne demandent qu’à être explorés

Bora bora cruises. The empire of the sea and sun, is that of Tu Moana and Tia Moana, two yachts gliding on the waves of broad, penetrate to the heart of the lagoon and offering a dream cruise for casual customers, demanding, that does not stop the number of stars, but the refinement of details, a phase chic with island life.

This desire to escape is reflected in the warm and spacious accommodation, the attentive and personalized service, the original table and colorful.

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Type : Series of short films Theme : Sea voyage in the heart of archipelagos Title : Cruises in French Polynesia Synopsis : With two yachts of companie Bora Bora cruises, we go through the Leeward Islands, admire the beautiful scenery, sometimes some only accessible by sea and start to meet people, whose’welcome is always very friendly and are happy to share with us their culture. Unit length : of 3 minutes 30 to 6 minutes Episodes: 7 Language : French Formats : 4/3
Realization: Claire Schwob Production : Tahiti nui companies, the webtv of Tahiti and her Islands : your virtual trip to French Polynesia through hundreds of video



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