Ia orana sisters and brothers, Marco is the micro ! Nous voilà encore une fois avec le Kainanu team et cette fois-ci sur une canoe six places… et là il faut que je sois synchro ! I tell you frankly : the copper, it is not clear ; I catch my breath.

Remember last year, Pure Vibes you had the team kainanu, It was on the occasion of the Hawaiki nui. This team of rowers, of surfers, kayakers and two legends of Hawaiian canoe, was embarking on the famous race tracks va'a.

This year, the arrival of a new sailing canoe came six places upset the planned program. The team members have decided to share their passion in testing this new sailing canoe in the lagoon of Bora Bora with diverse characters as Karl Reguron, the famous animator.
Première impressions sur la pirogue six places ?

Karl Reguron, animator : magic ! Simply magical.

Frida Farua, Champion va'a or Harry Feltone, agency owner Yachting, passionate Va'a. Pour Harry, rower and surfer, sailing aboard a sailing canoe was a first.

Harry Feltone : I used to row, I train in V1 and V6, by cons is the first time I'm doing the sailing canoe. I wanted to do this for a long time and the dream becomes reality. What I think, is that it is very close to the water with this kind of boat. Sensations are rather strange, we get a lot of spray for navigation, but the sensation of speed are really great !

A browser : the guy in front of me, well he sent, it stalled on Fred. The prit son to pied, his wife was behind, on entendait des petits gémissements de plaisir… Ils ont bien pris leur pied, and me too, this is too good !

Karl Reguron, animator : good feeling ! It was really a sense of reliving perhaps that Polynesians lived before while navigating. They went from one island to another. That's what is interesting, they did not just make the timing, they used to navigate, reach an island, and there was a sense of moving forward with the elements.

Then, On connaît Karl skater, on connaît Karl surfeur… mais Karl qui trip avec le vent, this is fairly new !

Karl Reguron, animator : this is too good, when it is aging, we like the wind, on aime bien toujours avoir la tête dans le vent… It is always associated with the elements.

Ok sisters and brothers, this is the end of this issue of Pure Vibes. Then, if you have vibrated, find us soon on Tahiti.tv. Ciao bye sisters and brothers !

Realization: Marc-Antoine Bouvant
Realization: Marc-Antoine Bouvant Production : Fleck fleck productions
Type : Series magazines Theme : The sports of slides française en Polynésie Title : Pure vibes Synopsis : Adrenalin after the magazine slides broadcast on RFO Polynesia, and without releasing the micro, Marco presents a broadcast Magazine dedicated to the sport practiced in Polynesia, punctuated by summaries of the latest competitions and trends. Unit length : 5 minutes 30 Episodes: 6 Language : French Formats : 4/3

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