First edition of the Vini film festival on TNTV

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Première édition du Vini film festival on Tntv

!RAWBLOCK0! Organized by APICA (Association for the Promotion of the image, creation and the arts), the first edition 2012 You Vini film festival on Tntv, like a dozen festival of its kind in the world and in partnership with TNTV and Vini and support Majestic Cinema, Air Tahiti Nui, NRJ and Business School of Tahiti, wishes to highlight a panorama of young audiovisual creation in French Polynesia in giving him the opportunity to express themselves and to create short films shot with any means of mobile. FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS • a new space for popular audiovisual expression open to the public, individual or group ...

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Poe maohi, the soul of the Tahitian pearl

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Poe maohi, l’âme de la perle de Tahiti

Wednesday 30 November to Sunday 4 December 2011 9h-18h at Sofitel Tahiti Maeva Beach . An extensive program to promote, affecting the main markets Europe / Asia / U.S. and some emerging countries including India have been implemented in the celebrations of the fiftieth anniversary of the Pearl of Tahiti 2011. En Polynésie française, actions to raise awareness of the Tahitian pearl, promote the profession and develop a gratifying image of this wealth Polynesian have been developed such as sponsoring the contest jewelry High School St...

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Raymond Amaru manufactures ukulele

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Raymond Amaru fabrique des ukulele

Raymond Amaru manufactures ukulele in Tahiti , musician, from 1957 until 77, when I returned to Guam, I stopped. After I started singing a little in craft exhibitions, I was the animator. And that, that's how I got. And I love the instruments, it's like I made the ukulele. This comes from my adoptive father was luthier, cabinetmaker, carpenter ... And I saw him make ukulele and guitars also, at the same time and it stuck with me, until the age of ... When I was 40 years, it is since that time that I started making ...

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Moerau Pillow has a transport company of people

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Moerau Taie a une société de transport de personnes

Moerau Pillow has a transport company of people in Tahiti , I 28 years, I created my company is to accompany people who are intoxicated, that is to say which do not have the capacity to be able to drive. Until very late, I did not know what I wanted to do. A 26 years, I really found my way watching "Special Envoy", there was a story about it : a guy who had a foldable scooter, rising in the vehicle who had been drinking and he was driving the people with their vehicle with his scooter in the trunk, then when he ...

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Jocelyne is Tiaihau beautician in Tahiti

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Jocelyne Tiaihau est esthéticienne à Tahiti

Jocelyne is Tiaihau beautician in Tahiti : Assembly of French Polynesia . Ccism Type : Series of magazines : Business in French Polynesia : I create my job : Polynesians have many talents, views, a desire to improve their situation and that of their family by working. In this context, it became essential to support and encourage these micro-entrepreneurs who may experience difficulties in their attempts. Numerous public and private initiatives in recent months for the creation ...

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Renaud Shell has created a food company

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Renaud Coquille a créé une entreprise agro-alimentaire

Renaud Shell has created a food company . We take fresh fruit, we turn it into puree and freeze it for we export to Tahiti. I worked in hotels in French Polynesia, before coming through this route, sur Nuku Hiva. A Nuku Hiva, I noticed that there were a lot of fruits ; I had an island called Manihi, in the Tuamotus, where there was absolutely no lemons and the day I arrived to my hotel functions, it was a full season lemons. So there was this contrast between the island ...

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