Monoi de Tahiti : Eric Vaxelaire

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Le monoï de Tahiti : Eric Vaxelaire

Eric Vaxelaire, Vice President of the Institute of Monoi : Why is this product unique and why it is only in French Polynesia, is that in fact the monoï consists of two elements : the tiare Tahiti, which is an endemic flower in French Polynesia called Gardenia tahitensis, with coconut oil are mixed, macerated, as enfleurage in perfumery and in fact will be the basis of Monoi. From 1992, designation of origin "Monoi de Tahiti" was recognized, This allows giving guarantees to consumers. A producer can not ...

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Development of the audiovisual professions in French Polynesia

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Développement des métiers de l’audiovisuel en Polynésie française

The first training session of the degree for careers in broadcasting was held Monday 5 Saturday 10 October at the University of French Polynesia. The training offered by the Department of Continuing Education at the University of French Polynesia has been developed with the support of development of industry and trade (SDIM), under the aegis of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, with the support of the association and the union ACTION audiovisual producers (SPAPF). Interview with Patrick LAURENT, Actor, scriptwriter, screenwriter .

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Investing in French Polynesia : Hinano Bagnis

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Investir en Polynésie française : Hinano Bagnis

Hinano Bagnis : French Polynesia is a country where it is good to invest because there are many opportunities. This is a young country, this is a country where there are so many things that need to be made, and there are three areas that are particularly interesting because they are areas that move, areas that are current on the international scene. These are the tourism, where with a little less 3 500 Rooms, French Polynesia, offers many opportunities. The islands of Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora were mainly developed, but we also have ...

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Most of 245 000 inhabitants of French Polynesia are scattered over an area as large as Europe. Most economic activity is concentrated in the Society Islands which includes 85% of the total population. The population is young with 43.1 % residents who have less than twenty years. While only 6% of the population over sixty years. Able tourism sector itself as the primary instrument of economic development of French Polynesia and directly employs over 7 500 people. Spurred by tax exemption devices metropolitan and local, the ...

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Polynesian products export

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Les produits polynésiens à l’exportation

All the local products for export, including those from the worlds of fashion ( pareu), Technology, Jewellery (perle, pearl), Monoi, from Tahiti Tiare, du Tamanu, Noni, Vanilla, Fish, 's Edition, Craft (perle, pearl, wood) , Water source, Beer, of fruit juice, Fruit of Alcohol, Wine and Cosmetics. Local resources Tahiti . Tahiti and her islands have a ...

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States General of the Overseas : Adolphe Colrat

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Etats généraux de l’Outre-mer : Adolphe Colrat

Interview de Monsieur Adolphe Colrat, High Commissioner of the Republic in French Polynesia . Our first Polynesian identity is a reality and peaceful Pacific, huge space development is barely sketched. Our French identity which of course gives us national solidarity in a great Country. Our European identity, finally, which builds from there progressivement.A, we have many assets to drive our economic development, social...

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