Thea nuit quand je dors, I reflected and when the models are, I write and cut. When I start a tifaifai I'll draw my motive on a sheet and after I cut. I freehand. I have not been to school. I started doing tifaifai at the age of 17 years.

It came like that, when I saw my cousins ​​work on tifaifai, it is like that that I had envy to make tifaifai, like this, all alone ! I cut a tifaifai, but the first tifaifai, I did not get and then we made groups moms to make tifaifai, six women.

All the weeks, are cut tifaifai. That's how I started to love. You must love. If thou lovest your work, it just comes. But young people say this is too hard, it hurts back. I do not think anything, everything on the tifaifai ; I love tifaifai !
It's my pleasure. After that it should sneak, I do not like when there are a lot of people. I have to be alone. When I'm sewing, I'm already thinking in make another.

When I make a I redo longer the same. I loves well create. When it is finished of sneak, you must sew. It is long ! Simple patterns : one month, and a half months, the most difficult : three to six months. The most difficult thing is the reason. I come from Tuamotu, we do me has not learned to sewing, it is I who have learned. I invented points.

When people ask me the name, d do not know. I say « Point Paumotu », because I'm paumotu. I tifaifai tables. I prefer to tables, I do not know why, I love making paintings. When I make a tifaifai, I'm happy !

Realization : Jacques Navarro
Realization : Jacques Navarro Production : DPI
Type : Series magazines

Theme : The’crafts d’art française en Polynésie Title : Craftsmen Synopsis : Crafting is one of the essential resources of French Polynesia. Basketry, sculpture, Working nacre… We meet these artisans from all archipelagos, who welcome us in their studio and make us share in four minutes the different phases of development of their designs. Unit length : 4 minutes Episodes: 5 Language : French Formats : 4/3, the webtv of Tahiti and her Islands : your virtual trip to French Polynesia through hundreds of video

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