Nous allons quitter un instant Tahiti pour effectuer un court voyage dans un archipel. We will move to the edge of one of these schooners join in two or three days the first island of the group Tuamotu. The main destination of schooners being the transport of goods, the passengers are of secondary importance, comfortable and private. But the Tahitian always at ease, laughs always cranky passengers popa'a. This system will not let you convenience Does it not seem to have been added to regret ? It is a symbol…

On the horizon appear atolls, low islands, whose surface is flush with just the sea level, and bordered by a belt of reef. We cross the pass against a strong current and it is by the lagoon we discuss the village. But there are atolls with point passes, forcing to land on the same reef, using a whaling. Always a delicate operation, often dangerous, and cause of fatal accidents. Maneuver can mean missed Whaling destroyed and drowning. Yet the sailors Tahitian operate the landing singing and shouting. A willow, the boat is relatively manageable. Pleine de copra, it requires a grip and composure that can only be gained years.

Touch down ! Here we are on a beach the Tuamotu archipelago whose people call the « Paumotu ». It happens that these are low islands devastated by tsunami. And it is said that during a storm, men tied their vahine the trunks of coconut trees that the sea does not imply. The houses are grouped around the temple and the church. The soil produces no fruit or vegetables and all goods imported are obviously. Here is a boy paumotu, and vahine paumotu. For visitors, we perform these dances whose rhythm is faster than Tahitian dances ; and FIGS less flexible. The skins are more colorful silhouettes and drier in Tahiti. Life imposes more restraint than anywhere else in these islands without water other than rainwater collected in cement tanks. But in contrast, free themselves and their movements, These are the children of light, sea ​​and wind, who know that life calm and stress-free.

Ces vastes lagoons sont parsemés d’îlots. Who never imagined these isolated islands, share real paradise calm and mild climate. You see that Paradise exists ! This Eden we call the soft rustling coconut palms of his… If we did a little nap time ? But we are not the first to be addressed… Pleasant surprise. Wave, vahine paumotu, why run away ? We find very presentable. Ah ! You only want to dress more… Damage !
And this is how we become paumotu. The hospitality has not lost its relevance : as previously, we offer visitors the little that we have.

Vahine to golden skin, welcoming words, conciliatory gestures… What invitation to enjoy the show, from life, silence and the eternal spring. Dreams can be reality ?

Realization: G. Broca, P. Sintes, Holland Brothers, Claire Schwob, etc.
Realization: G. Broca, P. Sintes, Holland Brothers, Claire Schwob, etc. Production : Opt, Video prod, Tahiti nui companies, etc.
Type : Series of mini Documentary Theme : Archival footage of Tahiti’yore Title : Yesteryear Tahiti Synopsis : Tahiti of yesteryear takes us to the discovery of French Polynesia 1940 to 1970, through archival footage commentary from several funds. Unit length : 5 minutes Episodes: 10 Language : French Formats : 4/3 and 16 9th, the webtv of Tahiti and her Islands : your virtual trip to French Polynesia through hundreds of video

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