The'Hawaiki Nui Va'a, large running canoes Polynesian, gathers every year in October over a hundred canoes on the starting line Huahine.

The first day, rowers must travel more than 44 km from the island Raiatea.

The second day is a race about 1 half hour, between the islands of Raiatea and Taha'a.

Finally, third and final day : 42 miles through the ocean that separates Taha'a Bora Bora. The arrival of the first canoes is always the opportunity for a big celebration in Bora Bora, which lasts until the end of the weekend.

Realization: Claire Schwob
Realization: Claire Schwob Production : Tahiti nui companies
Type : Series magazines Theme : The most beautiful pictures of French Polynesia with music Title : In pictures Synopsis : the « in pictures » is breathing. Based on a selection of beautiful images, music carries us until French Polynesia. Un bref instant, the rhythm of a dream at the discretion of Polynesian drums and flutes ; a simple moment of’escape as a taste of what life in French Polynesia. Unit length : 2 minutes Episodes: 10 Language : fonds musical Formats : 4/3, the webtv of Tahiti and her Islands : your virtual trip to French Polynesia through hundreds of video

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