HDwarf Bagnis : French Polynesia is a country where it is good to invest because there are many opportunities. This is a young country, this is a country where there are so many things that need to be made, and there are three areas that are particularly interesting because they are areas that move, areas that are current on the international scene.

These are the areas of tourism, where with a little less 3 500 Rooms, French Polynesia, offers many opportunities. The islands of Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora were mainly developed, but we also have islands Tuamotu and Canopies which today are poorly developed because there are two hotels the Marquesas and Tuamotu two hotels and a few hotels (but classes two to three stars) on the island of Rangiroa, In the aquaculture sector also, French Polynesia, not much developed that sector, whether the fish but also everything aquarium, everything restocking waters but also export Coral, export fish, French Polynesia, trying to locate as a precursor.

Today it is a sector that is booming. A final area that is also very promising new energies are, perhaps not in terms of export energy cons in terms of pilot, French Polynesia, offers many opportunities to test technical projects, either with the wave energy, ocean thermal energy, sun, wind, French Polynesia can propose pilot projects quite interesting. It provides an opportunity for investors to benefit from tax exemption measures sizeable, that allow them to both défiscaliser their own investment, but also to invest in other sectors through tax exemption mechanisms.

We also offer a young and dynamic population that is pending projects like them, since the population is young Polynesian and asks only one thing, is to be formed and to find work… And part of the legendary life of Polynesia therefore allows to attract qualified personnel, who can work under both tax-efficient but also in a very advantageous life.

We offer investors the possibility to provide technical teams, therefore specialized teams in both incentive schemes for investment, but that also have administrative procedures.
So we can accompany, we can arrange mediation meetings with the various services, especially early in the project, which allows to define a single route and therefore quite clear timetable that will allow the investor to arrange for both sunrises funding but start and finish his studies. So why invest in Polynesia ? We offer attractive tax incentive schemes, We offer investment opportunities in both traditional as well as innovative.

The environment is therefore sought to attract qualified personnel from outside, Polynesia provides conditions on the tax but also made daily life very interesting because there is no income tax, so this is a very attractive criterion. A young and dynamic population that is looking for projects that resemble them.

The addition of its various infrastructures allows the investor to come in Polynesia is still a French territory, thus allowing to provide institutional guarantees in terms, but also in terms of security and in terms of significant monetary.

Realization : Claire Schwob
Realization : Claire Schwob Production : Tahiti Nui Companies
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