Initions us in the preparation of Tahitian oven. First movement : dig a pit about one meter in diameter. It lit a good fire. The fire is very keen covered volcanic stones that offer property blush fire without breaking. But to achieve this, it takes two hours. Meanwhile, we are providing the necessary nutrients. It provides taro, starchy vegetables then uru, fruit of the breadfruit tree that will be immediately peeled using a shell cut in half.

Poto is universal, under water as on trees, it is comfortable. Feet strapped bark purau, it will pick coco. Sounds simple to observe but art is difficult, must still agree with the wind waving palms and swing is the head of the tree. The fruit is free of fluff and open. Water young fruit is pleasant to drink, it is refreshing and slightly sweet.
These are mature and liquid is acidic.

Once upon a spear of hard wood, today on a piece of jagged iron, the flesh is grated coconut. Milk is extracted by pressing the grated coconut in vegetable fiber. Note that only contains coconut water and coconut milk is the product of the fruit flesh shredded and pressed. Here is our friend Poto leaving for fishing. This practice spear but preferably overnight. Others go angling in the lagoon. This grain et sa vahine will share the book : him, use the harpoon, it, line. This delightful child (mom Tahitian French and dad) go fishing on the reef ; but it is annoying the pareo. .. And above all, must show the European popa'a the new jersey purchased from the Chinese.

The Tahitian capture the fish with bits of string. The popa'a, engaged in the same sport with their gear perfected, often return empty-handed.
In less than half an hour… This is not negligible. Attention, do not walk on sea urchins, the bite is painful. On the reef, Tahitian has only one remedy : pee on the wound.
Some specimens of coral blocks lining the lagoon.
And a child Shark.

Definitely the best fishing is that our friend Poto : mullet and paoro.
Here is a totara, fish hedgehog… Puis varus, crustacean flesh succulent. Collected and drained, these fish gathered in two successive plant envelopes will scent puts during cooking.

Realization: G. Broca, P. Sintes, Holland Brothers, Claire Schwob, etc.
Realization: G. Broca, P. Sintes, Holland Brothers, Claire Schwob, etc. Production : Opt, Video prod, Tahiti nui companies, etc.
Type : Series of mini documentaries Theme : Archival images of the Tahiti of yesteryear Title : Yesteryear Tahiti Synopsis : Tahiti of yesteryear takes us to the discovery of French Polynesia 1940 to 1970, through archival footage commentary from several funds. Unit length : 5 minutes Episodes: 10 Language : French Formats : 4/3 and 16 9th, the webtv of Tahiti and her Islands : your virtual trip to French Polynesia through hundreds of video

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