Then poe prepares papaya, starch-based dessert and fruit. Poe the banana is crafted in the same way. First boiled, bananas are then kneaded with starch.

Poe this is wrapped in banana leaves and thus ready for the oven. This is what cassava starch extracted essentially pure entering the food preparation. Here the foot of cassava. The people in charge of the furnace have equalized the heap of stones and burning have taken some to cook for another dessert to share mainly composed of starch. This pastry cook in contact with even the hot stone, which gives it a particular scent. Add sugar, du lait de coco et coupez avec des couteaux en bois. But now is the time to use our oven;

On a carpet ribs fins coconut covering the heated stones are arranged to be cooked. Placing the first pig, then urus, fruit of the breadfruit, the fei, kind of red banana, only cooked consumables, bananas ordinary, packages poe, dessert Tahitian, vegetables : yams, « mm », taros, « hi » … And, sur des feuilles de uru, chevrettes, freshwater prawns. You can add more chicken, ducks, lobsters or crabs.

Simultanément à cette préparation s’achève le tressage de nattes de feuilles de purau, for covering the food.

Here they are in place, themselves covered leaves dried uru. Covering the whole, new waterproof protection rigorously, also made from plaited leaves purau. Finally, to cover all, a layer of earth twenty to thirty centimeters thick, without leaving any hole. Cooking times : 1:30 to 2:00. This is just the time to draw the cover of banana leaves and coconut palms ; and make crowns for the guests. Yes, à Tahiti, we offer crowns the living, so much better ! At this rate working, two hours passed quickly ; Here guests. Watch out popa'a, do not walk on the table.
The opening of the furnace is a ceremony unstripped emotion ! Removing the earth, then the waterproof cover… and all foods are cooked to perfection. Do not assume that the piglet has a flavor of fish or dessert smells chevrettes. Nothing. Each dish has retained its scent. Open, then sprinkled coconut milk, poe packets are chopped ; and I assure you it is excellent. Everyone at the table ! Finally ! If we can say… But it lacks the Chief district and Mrs.. Ia orana ! Here the.

Would you like a little miti hue. But Madame, finally, it does not drink. This is a preparation of immature coconut and mixed with seawater, in which one has washed goat, what did slightly fermented. It is also in this sauce that all foods are dipped : porcelets ou fish, poultry or vegetables. Eh oui ! Everyone serves and eats with his fingers. It is much more « monamona », or if you prefer more natural, tastier. The meal ends, red wine set the mood and atmosphere here is music and dance.

Filmed in 1953 Alphonse and Charles Holland, « If Tahiti was told to me » is the first sound and color documentary produced and directed in Tahiti. The film takes us in Tahiti years 50, Papeete first then all around the island.

Realization: G. Broca, P. Sintes, Holland Brothers, Claire Schwob, etc.
Realization: G. Broca, P. Sintes, Holland Brothers, Claire Schwob, etc. Production : Opt, Video prod, Tahiti nui companies, etc.
Type : Series of mini Documentary Theme : Archival footage of Tahiti’yore Title : Yesteryear Tahiti Synopsis : Tahiti of yesteryear takes us to the discovery of French Polynesia 1940 to 1970, through archival footage commentary from several funds. Unit length : 5 minutes Episodes: 10 Language : French Formats : 4/3 and 16 9th, the webtv of Tahiti and her Islands : your virtual trip to French Polynesia through hundreds of video

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