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Thea manta ray is a giant of the seas. Weighing up 3 tonnes, it is among the largest fish with the current shark whale and basking shark. It is a pelagic fish, that is to say it is closer infrequently underwater and it does not depend on them to live. Indeed, as its corps is adapted to a semi-permanent swimming. Their wings are actually developed hyper fins that allow it to move.

The raies manta are even able to jump : They can perform spectacular jumps several meters hauteur.Ces jumps used to get rid of parasites such as lice ocean which attach to the skin. Some scientists believe that the "delivery of small rays may also be done during these jumps.

Because of its size and appearance, this imposing animal is linked to many stories and legends. Once, the fafarua was considered an aggressive animal and evil. For example, to Tuamotu, it is said that prevented fishermen pearl rising to the surface by spreading over them.
Indeed, the manta ray is also called sea devil, because of this bad reputation and presence of horns in front of the head. The manta ray is actually quite peaceful. It eats plankton capture it with its horns. She is able to move and orient them to form a funnel-shaped trap very effective when swimming.

Its size forces him to eat in large quantities, This is why we meet in places where plankton is abundant, such as the level of passes. Fish often follow the lines are manta.Ce remoras, fish that do not interfere with any of the lines and use them as a bit of a means of transport.

Apart from the leak, the manta ray has no defense because unlike eagle rays and stingrays, it does not sting the base of the tail. Fortunately, the manta ray has very little prédateurs.L orca and big Sharks as the hammerhead and tiger sharks may occasionally attack if it is injured or exhausted. In Polynesia, man is not a predator manta since there is not consumed.

En revanche, it is particularly vulnerable to nets fishing drift and structures of pearl farms. They get entangled, are injured and can die. Currently, the manta ray is not yet considered an endangered species. Even if it is scarce in some parts of the world such as the Gulf of Mexico, for example, their popularity and tourist interest led more governments to implement protection programs. Attract manta rays wherever they occur thousands of divers. To avoid abuse, the Polynesian government has banned the possession of these animals in captivity.

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