Incomings and mountains we have yet to discover. After some preparations, we are launching an assault on the Orohena, top inviolate as seen here in the center.

A thousand meters, during the first day, we are at the bottom of the sea of ​​clouds. If the vegetation is thick to the point of becoming very embarrassing soon, we encounter no unusual risk, point Polynesia wildlife. Before us, the ridge that leads us far a previous expedition reached without going further. But, unaccustomed to the humidity, to the sludge, and more heavily loaded and inconveniently, our carriers significantly tired.

A 1 700 meters, One of our main camps. Our source and drink toilet water, is nothing but the rain. It is on this journey that six carriers, four abandon us, overcome by the cold and fatigue. We will spend several days in these parts in torrential rain and beaten by a violent wind which repeatedly tear our tents, prohibiting any photography course.

Finally, morning by a milder, the rain stopped for the first time in thirteen days, which allows us to see the peninsula, distant as the crow flies thirty kilometers. We dare not pretend to establish any connection between the major ascents international channels and our adventures on the summit Polynesian. It is not true that we are obstinate six other expeditions where before we had tried and renounced. At the sharp air conditioners, was compounded by the poor quality of land friable that fog sometimes made like a seafloor. And the prospect of distant sea breaking our courage. These peaks, excessively narrow, identify an area where we put the tents was a problem always feared.

The vacuum was then, about us, hidden by vegetation. Now we had the obstacle where our predecessors had stopped. A crack with vertical walls and friable. You will see on the next up and left a block detaches. Fog clouds, humidity, penetrating cold, pluie intermittent, gales forcing us to kill our tent, visibility often reduced to fifteen meters, and a few inches from our feet, thousand meters of empty, A vertical line.

We can not rely on rock strength, we try to detect shrubs look strong enough to establish the 400 meters of rope that were necessary, from this crack to the top. But these shrubs took root in humus up to two meters thick and so we softened it disparaissions sometimes even mid body. However, we approached the summit. Eight hours filled with maneuvers and fears. Eight hours to feel a cold drizzle we penetrate to the bone were needed to fix this last ramp rope. Two weeks of efforts, transport back to Man 150 pounds of food and equipment, 500 meters hemp rope and with two holders, were necessary to overcome Orohena.

And, with, the storm, suddenly distant, we give way to a top light. We dared not believe our eyes ! From this viewpoint the’Oceania, the show was indescribable. But already, reforming the clouds, we needed to consider returning, not without our victory authenticated badges fortune we had, and the next day were seen in the long view of observers stationed on the coast. This time, reaches its 2241 meters, Orohena the defeat had left.

However, remained inhospitable place, wounded everywhere, legs, hands and face even, we looking forward to the heat, dry air, warm water and clean cloth. The food that we had been forced to abandon us go to Providence on the way back. And this is without hostility we contemplate now reached the goal of our company. Back on the coast, will meet with pleasure the smiling landscape Tahitian.

Realization: G. Broca, P. Sintes, Holland Brothers, Claire Schwob, etc.
Realization: G. Broca, P. Sintes, Holland Brothers, Claire Schwob, etc. Production : Opt, Video prod, Tahiti nui companies, etc.
Type : Series of mini Documentary Theme : Archival footage of Tahiti’yore Title : Yesteryear Tahiti Synopsis : Tahiti of yesteryear takes us to the discovery of French Polynesia 1940 to 1970, through archival footage commentary from several funds. Unit length : 5 minutes Episodes: 10 Language : French Formats : 4/3 and 16 9th, the webtv of Tahiti and her Islands : your virtual trip to French Polynesia through hundreds of video

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