Heremoana Mamatuaiautapu, vice president of FIFO : I think the Fifo, we do not stop to say from the beginning, it already provides a look at the’Oceania, looked a bit peculiar to a particular time of the year, it became a recurring appointment.

It has grown that we do not initially suspected. To me, this is a place of extraordinary encounters and exchanges. Part of the charm of this festival, it is also the cocktail parties, where informal discussions can lead to projects that we do not even suspect. We will talk about the series « Bay Flamboyant », it's here, at a party, a cocktail, things began to fall into place, to be discussed…

Therefore, even us on the roundtables for upcoming festivals, often it is talking to people at cocktail parties that we get to settle things, to be subjects, sponsors were telling us during cocktails : « we we would like to also participate in the FIFO. » Here, So this is the part a bit informal but very important because important decisions are sometimes taken there. The goal is to engage our young people for their environment. It is often said : we all know through television that we receive, images that we receive from around the world, we know more what is happening elsewhere in our own region. This is why we, we want to educate young people about the local environment, and therefore : Polynesia and the Pacific. We must become aware of the opportunity that was.

It is both Polynesian, Oceanian, French and European. Therefore, it gives us a dimension that few people in the world. These are things that should not conflict, These are dimensions that should not conflict… Must be managed. And I think the Fifo give a somewhat broader environment in which we live.

A visitor: I do not regret coming because I saw Documentary absolutely beautiful.

Marco the micro: is super important for professionals, precisely because we have access to professionals who come from abroad and who know ten times more than we do about the problems of’audiovisual.

Flora Devatine: it is always fantastic ! It is a great joy, a great pleasure

Patrick Durand Gaillard: of films qui sont passionnants et puis surtout qui montrent qu’il y a une vraie place pour le film documentaire océanien.

Pierre Ollivier, Secretary General of the FIFO : Fifo's soul is still the same and I think the filmmakers, members jury returning or coming, who discover that Fifo, every time we say. I still had directors who have told me earlier : « we welcome, there are flowers upon arrival of the plane.

This is the only festival where you do not work like mad, we are still not in theaters for twelve hours straight like some festivals. I think the soul of Fifo, we managed to keep it despite changing, an organization increasingly important, the number of films increasingly important, and that soul was able to keep. And this friendship, team spirit,
was also able to animate, to maintain, and this is what makes, I think, One of the successes of the FIFO.

Realization : Claire Schwob
Realization : Claire Schwob Production : Tahiti Nui Companies
Type : Series magazines

Theme : The current events in French Polynesia Title : news event Synopsis :, News welcomes economic development stakeholders, tourism and events in French Polynesia. Interviewed by a journalist, those involved in their development sector, we explain, beyond their involvement, contemporary issues in these sectors. Unit length : 5 minutes Episodes: 3 Language : French Formats : 4/3, the webtv of Tahiti and her Islands : your virtual trip to French Polynesia through hundreds of video

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