Dominique Petras : once the date, location, theme chosen, This research is of course candidates. It is quite naturally. For example there are girls that have been noticed, that has been prepared or that parents have made and who was asked to wait to be ready for an election. There are girls who come of Commons, therefore generally, search for candidates, then after there anything administrative, request for authorization, etc. It always takes people who know the world of fashion, elections, beauty in members jury. We try to take over women than men because women feel more severely and that's what we want because we really want…

The girl is chosen will still have a lot of responsibilities, so you have someone who is not sensitive, someone who is as close as possible to perfection quotes. Men are still more tender, I do not mean to be a cowhide, but men see women with a different eye. When the girls fall, they fill out a form where they asked three standard questions, that is to say : What are the positive and negative sides of the Miss Tahiti in their opinion, what argument they use to convince someone who does not want to come to Tahiti to change your mind, how they brag about their country in fact, and a third question, I think it is : What are the essential qualities to be Miss Tahiti.

Candidates meet the jury two days before the election. There are three notes are given that day. There is a note on the intellect, this note is to share, that is to say, the score of the intellect is only possible to break the exaquo, but it is of course an important clue. There is a note that is given on the beauty of the face and another note is given on the beauty of the body, harmony of body. The total of these two notes will be added a third note is given on election night during the first pass is the note on the ease on the podium. In fact, Miss Tahiti is elected on : facial beauty, beauty of the body and ease ; course during the interview, they have an idea of ​​charisma, on his IQ, on ambition, determination, etc.

While it plays but it is true that during the months of rehearsal, that is to say during the month preceding the election, there are many small details that we note, because in fact the girls they all said the same thing, that is to say, be punctual, be stylish, etc. What we seek is a girl who embodies the joie de vivre of Tahiti, which is a good girl in his head and healthy body, a girl who is really Polynesia.

Polynesia, What's that ? It is people who like to live, is happy people ; this is what we want as the image they convey. I'm pretty proud quotes, Image of the Polynesian. When I travel, American women are beautiful, the Parisians are beautiful, but what I love the beauty of Polynesian woman, It is this mixture of nonchalance, joie de vivre… So in fact, I'm trying to do is highlight the beauty, the exhilaration of Tahiti !

Realization : Claire Schwob
Realization : Claire Schwob Production : Tahiti Nui Companies
Type : Series magazines

Theme : The current events in French Polynesia Title : news event Synopsis :, News welcomes economic development stakeholders, tourism and events in French Polynesia. Unit length : 5 minutes Episodes: 3 Language : French Formats : 4/3, the webtv of Tahiti and her Islands : your virtual trip to French Polynesia through hundreds of video

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