TheAsian 'often housed in a cramped and dilapidated housing like this. But it is valuable in countries where it is likely that without the Chinese market would have no vegetables. What is the European, Tahitian or, who cultivate cabbage, beans, salads, on slopes 45 degrees and under a tropical sun ? That would carry water on their backs and débrousserait ten times before harvest ?

Only, Chinese agreed to continue in a stubborn silence thankless job land ungenerous. That one pound bread that truly steeped in the sweat of his brow at night and without modern machines. Tahitian apart while not demonstrating any answer you : « why work so hard to get here ? » : Chinese Cemetery. Often having lived his earthly existence in a slum, asian win another world in the cleanliness and the vast. But if the Tahitian worries are few of the activities of the Chinese, by cons, its main occupation is primarily the fishing. Individualistic, he loves the use of canoe, the harpoon or lines it rises itself.

However, it does not participate reluctant to fishing in a large competition population where nets three to five hundred feet long is mania. A few fishermen plunge inside and outside of the net to remove the fish in the favorable direction. When the net is lifted, each charge a share of the catch, the rest will be sold at the market in Papeete. We can recover up to half a ton. Most fish in the area with little traffic islands, Pacific is the paradise for fishermen, and especially underwater fishermen. In your eyes ature, des pray…You are now well advanced to have heard these names !

It is important that you know that this is delicious. Fish ball, which is peculiar to deflate and reinflate as a bladder. These boats equipped with saplings bamboo, leave each day the port of Papeete for offshore tuna and bonito. The problem is primarily to identify the first bench fish, subtle point to the scope of the first popa'a came ! But the Tahitian who navigates esteem for centuries and whose blood runs salt, has things of the sea, notion mysterious and disconcerting. Seabirds are the fisherman's aid : by movement of the volatile, the fisherman detects the proximity of the prey, then he expects confirmation.

Very fond of the flesh of tuna, the bird swoops down on its victim, and a peck tear a piece of tuna. Curious equipment : using hooks mounted on pearl. Fishing starts. Not a minute to lose ! For once the Tahitian is convinced that time is money and it is not fitting to waste. The plug is stunned by a blow with a club. They do in take never less a quarantine of this size. If the weather is favorable, the small boat is almost filled.
Dug by the waters of the trade wind, the small boat pitching and rolling heavily, and it takes strength and remarkable skill to maneuver the long pole sometimes taken charge of up to fifteen pounds. The fish are emptied as and guts but is not thrown into the sea to avoid attracting Sharks. Then they are washed… And well-earned cigarette is smoked !

Realization: G. Broca, P. Sintes, Holland Brothers, Claire Schwob, etc.
Realization: G. Broca, P. Sintes, Holland Brothers, Claire Schwob, etc. Production : Opt, Video prod, Tahiti nui companies, etc.
Type : Series of mini documentaries Theme : Archival images of the Tahiti of yesteryear Title : Yesteryear Tahiti Synopsis : Tahiti of yesteryear takes us to the discovery of French Polynesia 1940 to 1970, through archival footage commentary from several funds. Unit length : 5 minutes Episodes: 10 Language : French Formats : 4/3 and 16 9th, the webtv of Tahiti and her Islands : your virtual trip to French Polynesia through hundreds of video

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