Pour fifth edition of FIFO, we have chosen to lead behind the scenes of this great festival. Shot ! They repeat. Do they know the words by heart ?

Pierre Ollivier : adventure Fifo, this is actually a human adventure and an adventure team. People who are in this adventure is the adventure from the beginning. There may be some people who have joined us but the spirit, the concept, it has not changed. We did that change, we did change but the soul of the FIFO is always the same, and I think the soul of Fifo, we were able to and then kept this team, we managed to animate, to maintain and this is what makes, I think, One of the successes of the FIFO.

A young spectator : it is rewarding for us, young !

A visitor : I do not regret being here because I saw Documentary absolutely beautiful.

Flora Devatine : it is always fantastic ! It is a great joy, a great pleasure

A visitor : I think it is absolutely fabulous, extraordinary !

A visitor : I came with my children and my cousin. The children enjoyed.

Pierre Ollivier : my main job, What's that ? It is first to find films, because without film, there would be no festival. So there is this whole process of registration of films, then screened, find scripts, translate, the subtitle, etc.

Michèle Chazeaux : the screening committee was necessary quickly, from the second FIFO. So we asked goodwill, those who had a little time to kindly accept to be part of this committee. We get movies from July to view. We divided the cds that we receive, then we try to see all 156 days, or weekly, when the decision time approach to exchange Nos. views, share our cds, talk, watch some time in group.

Pierre Ollivier : after, there all the research partners, must find funding to pay staff, pay all transport these people that we invite. And after, there any practical organization of transport, accommodation, invitations, communication media to do, and everything.

The dog : I adore communication !

Vaeoho Tepehu : Since I knew Pierre Ollivier, since I work for Fifo, I must say that I have a very intense life…

The dog : I am pleased, happy, happy !

Vaeoho Tepehu : is very strong. That's a lot of emotions, many people to meet, with whom to exchange, who to contact. Answer the phone, among the calls I receive, both for accreditation applications for registration requests to the assembly plants and Shooting, that is to say the various workshops we have implemented for this year's Fifo. .

The dog : go ! After the organization and logistics, I will take you to the technical.

Richard May : we begin to Fifo this morning 6 hours, for example to make the point that we must prepare, check all programming, films to be projected, if there are no worries… In parallel, we take care of all the logistics and technical support for hosting the Fifo, because you see capitals, sound, light, paint soils, walls…

Ludovina Tooiti : our role is to take care of the logistics. Who says logistics, it's all human and material resources also. Heiva hurt was responsible for the whole development of the village, such as all the decorations he has there with wooden slats and pearl.
We see all the time, it's party time all the time !

Gérard Ferrand : under the Fifo, I take care of everything the organization in court, maintenance in the yard. A week before the FIFO is already beginning preparations in collaboration with Heiva hurt that implements the exterior decor. I work more than the projection for jury. Sound, it is ourselves who are, is every person in every room that makes the projection and sound at the same time. We are versatile technicians.

The dog : here, everyone is versatile, also my manager made himself the’welcome to’airport.

Pierre Ollivier : the best time, this is the time of the airport where we welcome. It is a pleasure to see people who have corresponded with for months and months, that there are, and come to see us, to view Polynesia, to see the Fifo.

Walles Kottra : I wish you all welcome in Oceania. You are no longer in Papeete today, House of Culture becomes the House of Pacific.

The dog : il est bavard ce Wallès ! Go ahead, we hurry ! This is the first meeting. But what does the projectionist ?

Mike Taero : I work for the Tauhiti Fare Nui and in the Fifo I am projectionist. So I have to show the films that are competition. So every time I have to be present in the room with the public.

The dog : This fantastic first session ! But I lost all my homework, I did not yet submitted !

Elma Manate : I'm Elma, I work for the House of Culture, I am housekeeper and I present Heiva, is the deputy director of the house.

The dog : like ! This is my boss !

Heremoana Maamaatuaiahutapu : it was during the week of the festival that we see all the teams arrive, whether the team of the House of Culture, of Heiva Nui, Ica l', the Youth Isepp, University, Association Action, Rfo radio, Rfo TV… And all this is taking place actually a little before.

The dog : So go back time.

Guy Muller : CFI to Fifo, This is actually the first implementation of a training workshop is aimed at young filmmakers Pacific. I therefore appeal to a man of the field, Philippe Radoux, that frames a very efficient and practical, and goes to the main : 15 days to go up by a small group about ¾ to 5 minutes and present it to the final evening of the FIFO.

Olivia William : je m'appelle Olivia William, I work for the news to Vanuatu. My team, we are three. My colleague Cook Islands, it also works for the news in the Cook Islands. We are working on a topic that relates to the traditional sports like running the fruit-bearing.

The dog : Fifo became the place of rendezvous for young. After the CFI, the Isepp.

Marie-Hélène Villierme : under the Fifo, we mounted several small workshops. So I have a class 28 to 30 students manage every morning. There are teams who take pictures, there are teams that do audio production and there are teams that rise from its. All content that is manufactured in the morning will serve to al layout of a newsletter.

Yahn Jezegou : of course it is also up to us to go into the field, interviewing the right people, to be responsive to our questions from, to be insightful…

Ravaina Wong-Sang : it allows us to put into practice all that has been studied theoretically. We have the chance to rub shoulders with people already working in the sector’audiovisual and therefore it is a more.

The dog : but how to find Manouche among the crowd ?

Gypsy Lehartel : I was three years during three editions of the jury. Morning, viewing and then hop ! At full speed we drove into a Hotel, namely the Sofitel, where we meet, where we have lunch and it was a working lunch. We see the movies one by one and each juror must give an assessment of the film. And what is fun, is that I realized that we had completely different visions often do not suit our personalities.

Eric Bourgeois : the work is done, it is essentially about people who make documentaries and people who make the Fifo. So what are the first interviews with various stakeholders in the Fifo 2008 which are then distributed internationally on the website of the ICA with a relay on that of the House of Culture and the official website of Fifo.

Matarii metua : I am responsible for the coordination level drivers. On hand to 7 the morning of the hotel, ion a 10 to 15 minute ride but knowing that there are times traffic ; So sometimes there are trays, and sometimes people can not time. So we must deal with it, it is the anomalies that there.

Pierre Ollivier : there are always worries of everyday. One morning, for example,, Laure Adler was stuck in traffic, So the driver (this was the first morning), was deposited on the other side of the bridge and the poor Laure did not know where to go and Fifo was a bit far and has been at the center instead of going craft in the village festival.

Vaiana Giraud : Fifo on the difficulty is that there are many people who come from everywhere, So we do not necessarily their faces, must find, we do not know, we do not know their names, was not their phone number and there are still journalists who seek to meet most of the day so that's : find people for TV shows, interviews… Every night I nightmares, I dream that I can not find the journalists that this is not the right people at the right time ! But good, in reality in general, pin it is well, and then we work on many, So in general it connects to, so this is a miracle.

The dog : speaking of miracle, look what I see !

Tapu Temaunu : the FIFO, what I do, it is with the Christian team : storage chairs, tables, and when you need me, the team of sound and light.

The dog : light and sound… And media ?

Sophie GUEBEL : it is chaperoned by Khadija who works in the New and is there until Sunday to tell events, all vers les gens, les interviewer. The next day our articles appear in the New.

Maco Porlier : I work at RFO, I am head coach and I'm in charge of a mobile control, This is to ensure direct a small board with five cameras, one director, a sound system and lighting throughout the following.

Jennifer Wong : one is a journalist who RFO leads the field. We made a two-minute video montage with our assessments, small excerpts and skits to live a little event.

Mylène Raveino : in amont, I took care of reservations for school, since welcomes students and teachers every morning at Grand Theatre. And then after, there is always plenty of things to do, in fact as soon as the o puts his nose out, in the corridor, one is struck by a problem or something to solve and therefore it connects like that all the time, all day.

The dog : he runs, he runs the ferret, ferret wood Joly.

Heremoana Maamaatuaiahutapu : part of the charm of this festival, it is also the cocktail parties, where informal discussions can lead to projects that we do not even suspect. Even us on the roundtables for upcoming festivals, often it is talking to people at cocktail parties that we get to settle things, to be subjects…It's a little informal part but very important.

Kiki Brotherson Balderanis : under the Fifo, I care a little organization with Pierre upstream. I take care of letters, everything institutional, Some conventions may Partnership. Otherwise, in general, I take care of all the internal organization, drink which is, cocktails, all that is receptive. It's an atmosphere of hell, magnificent !

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Realization : Claire Schwob
Realization : Claire Schwob Production : Tahiti Nui Companies
Type : Documentary on the islands of French Polynesia, their inhabitants, their customs and traditions. Theme : Discovery documentary in French Polynesia. Title : docks a log Synopsis : French Polynesia, has more than 118 islands and atolls grouped into five archipelagos. Everyone has an identity, traditions, different languages. Unit length : 26 minutes Episodes: 6 Language : French Formats : 4/3

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