MIngrid adame LEFT, directrice générale de la Maison de la Perle: What we did today, is the competition pearl farmers who participated in the auction, and who were willing that we expose their prettiest Pearls.

Madame Jeanne LECOURT, Communications Manager at the House of Pearl: Jonathan and the house Pearl have sorted these pearls ; we have identified four forms : rounds / semi – round, the oval buttons drop, semi baroque and baroque rimmed. And the surprise arrival : professionals pearl, buyers, spaces, we showed that the Tahitian pearl is above all the brilliance and color !

Mr. FOSTER Temauri, Minister of fishing and Marine Resources: The contest for the most beautiful pearl is very symbolic. This was not as simple, convincing because pearl to provide their finest gem, this is not obvious because they do not want to give the. We can congratulate and thank those still entrusted their pearls in this contest.

Monsieur Gaston Gaston TONG SANG, President of French Polynesia: Today I would like to pay tribute to all the pearl with a special mention for the pearl farmer who produced the four finalists pearls, Mr. and Mrs. Yu, producers island Takaroa, winning all four categories, this deserves our applause…

Mr Paul YU, perliculteur Atoll the Takaroa. Tahiti black pearl: It was a surprise. We thought it would be the largest pearls that were going to win… Finally, they chose the smaller beads Takaroa. I think the work, it is above all the maintenance work. This is very important for the quality of the pearl, and I invite all pearl farmers in French Polynesia to do maintenance work of the well pearl to try to make the quality instead of quantity.

Madame Jeanne LECOURT, Communications Manager at the House of Pearl : These four beads, we'll give them a name, we will give them an identity, and we will present the Polynesians, and the people Polynesian will elect its finest Tahitian pearl.

In ancient times, men thought that the pearl came from a dewdrop drawn from the magical element. Experts at the first auction of the House of Pearl beads selected four extraordinary, all born in the crystal clear water of the atoll Takaroa. Today, we present these four beads, worthy ambassadors of the Tahitian pearl. Real rainbow sky seas, they embody the variety of forms, colors and bursts of natural Tahitian pearl. La Perle de Tahiti, heritage of all Polynesians.

Madame Jeanne LECOURT, Communications Manager at the House of Pearl : Today, we announced the results. We are very pleased with the number of votes : 8 472. 37 % these voters have selected « Meherio », a pearl oval, twelve millimeters diameter, with a beautiful glow.

Mr. FOSTER Temauri, Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources: This competition is an important event, because through him, Maison de la Perle wanted to develop, highlight the Tahitian Pearl. This is the first time such an event takes place in French Polynesia, and it is a success ! These are professionals who have the pearl first selected the four most beautiful pearls. Then it is the people who voted through various means of communication and its vote confirmed the professionals. We expected this to be the biggest pearl wins but the choice of experts is focused on the smallest pearl. This is indeed the color, brilliance and luster that prevailed during the vote. So the pearl « Poerava » who won the first prize in this competition, This confirms once again the image of our ancestors had it. This pearl « poerava » today became the emblem of the House of Pearl. There are of course many colors and shades for the pearl but that which is without doubt our most country and our culture is this little gem that just won this competition.

Madame Jeanne LECOURT, Communications Manager at the House of PearlThese pearls come from the atoll of Takaroa, So the pearl to Takaroa are delighted to forward their atoll, for now we will work with four pearls. They will be the kit, support the promotion of Tahitian pearl at the International in all our actions on five continents and we are happy to go with these worthy ambassadors.

Realization : Claire Schwob
Realization : Claire Schwob Production : Creative.tv
Type : Series magazines Theme : Pearl of Tahiti Title : House of Pearl Synopsis : The House of the Tahitian Pearl organizes throughout the year numerous events. Symposium, auction sale, competition… There magazine suggested divers reports witnessed the major events that the House of Pearl implements. Unit length : of 2 to 19 minutes Episodes: 4 Language : French Formats : 16 9th

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