Miguel Bald Hunt.
I'm from Argentina, I was born in Buenos Aires and at one point I decided to move on in the course, taking the plane and leaving my country. I did still have some countries of Latin America, notably Brazil, this was a first encounter with beautiful colors as they are working with country colors extremely strong.

I associate a lot of material, irrespective of the country where I, I collect a little troll that right and left and from there I do my paintings in most cases.

Initially, I did not sell my work, but I think I was not alone as many’Artists, et quand on m’a « required », quand on m'a dit « here, vascular and ! »… But it is always difficult for an artist when asked to sell his works ! A buddies, to friends, this is something… But when faced with genuine look of an exhibition, it, is not friends, is not buddies, it is the eyes of others. I think an artist should be prepared in relation to other, it is not always obvious !

In my case, it was easier for already being in an artistic environment, I was faced with this look (not acting course) but faces at least in the atmosphere on trays, or in locations, location on trays, so it, I knew. But my first exposure, it was a really big moment, because there, it is really really aware of what other people and I was really lucky (or they may have me lie) but in any case, it was something very positive.

Often an artist is said… I often say that the word « artist » we must leave it for the jet set because good… I always say, I'm more of a color merchant, a artisan color. Because I remember it… there a year, I won a competition « an idea, waste », here Polynesia, it was pretty amazing. I, I often dive in the lagoon, and I found a barbecue grill, a sort of scrap that was lying around and I made a lamp. I said, the trick is to participate…

And in the end it was very nice because I won first prize. I was extremely pleased and then I was asked to exhibit at the Museum of the Islands in a collective exhibition. I made the symbol of AIDS, because the Pope had said, to me, a big mistake, Africa, saying that they should not use condoms, and I thought there still millions of people who are still fighting to save lives… and I think religion is good, but let religion take care of religion, and we must let doctors and medicine to deal with this, and artists, when they can say something with their means of expression, I thought it was great to do it and it was a great pleasure to participate as.

Polynesia, it's like a lot of answers, is substantially the same : I have a friend that is installed over the past fifteen years, who told me : it would be nice if you pass me, give me a nod in Polynesia… And I came to stay only one month, and this month turned into months and months more more, and now it's been a year. Gradually, we sympathize with other artists, clearly here, the Meridian, because we are lucky to have a director’Hotel which is open to’art ; he gave up artists and I think it's fantastic. Often, there are artists who have been here (I made several workshop), et on it « when we are many we can not isolate itself », but basically, when in his painting, we isolate ourselves even despite the noise and all that may be around.

What is good is to see the colors and the way of working of each, So we share moments, we learn each other because we have a vision of some paints and this is what is magical to work together in a workshop ; this is what is, moments to share with other artists. I think the summary of a workshop is (outside the area of ​​the frame and, that is beautiful) sharing with other artists.

Realization : Claire Schwob
Realization : Claire Schwob Production : Creative.tv
Type : Series magazines Theme : Portraits of Artists Polynesian Title : Talents Synopsis : « Talents » leads us to meet the creators Polynesian : painters, sculptors, writers, musicians, singers, dancers,… through intimate portraits of artists and their works. Unit length : 4 minutes Episodes: 8 Language : French Formats : 4/3

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