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Patricia Baron Lysio the Workshop

Very young, after my degree, I spent three years in a Beaux Arts in Paris and I had the opportunity to live in several country, which allowed me to work to harvest some authentic tables later.

Therefore 18 years, I find myself at the School of Fine Arts and the only thing that interested me after it was out of this journey for a little academic exercise power just something else and this is what is most difficult for me, presque ça m'a pris dix ans… having dabbled in watercolor, full of technical, it was the hardest and I just managed to exorcise this course by teaching.

Giving lectures to students, I had to really understand my own approach, to know me just. This project has allowed me, while continuing to travel, harvesting traditions, entries, things like that, that is to say, to work on travelogues ; travel diaries as we hear : it can be images, things like that, but I, it is in the abstraction, this is really what I feel : things, meetings.

Through this work with the materials of countries, I can produce entire pages, very very large pages (because my travel is original because it is very large), so it's full pages, and thence, my pictures out of it. I can take a small piece of this travel and make a series of tables.
I'm bulimic, paint, ideas, things like that, So the idea of ​​travel book, is the fact that I put flat, I paint without stopping pages.

It's been a year and a half I'm in the area and my work for a few months Tahitian, that is to say honestly I use the words Tahitian in my work, I work with materials, Tahitian land, and I am very honest with it, very very honest. It is true that… say things… is to see, is watching, to feel, after touching and so it is very interesting these passages. I have a great passage, but this is a very feminine, it is earth tones ; but there, there are explanations : there Africa, there is the New Caledonia, I returned from three years in New Caledonia, therefore colors Earth course ! Now I think that maybe those blue turquoise tempt me, I look out the window and I think it is very beautiful too. I can envisage blues later, but it is true that the earth color work as it allows me to work not great things but details of life, that is to say, I can stop on something that nobody will see or be under the microscope.

As, I'm interested ! I think the thing that interests me is almost trivial ; and make tables or pages of travelogues with this is fabulous ! So materials, yes ! I work with all pandanus, everything found, we harvest… You would see the status of my bag, it's scary… because harvest ; but we are all like that, nature is extraordinary and generous.

I am not a painter. I sculpt, 3D side I'm always interested precisely, to take you away. A table, I often tell my colleagues, it is a navel, on is regarde, it's scary. So when you make a 3D, you turn around, you look, you will loose… letting go is extraordinary in sculpture.
The’history these dresses, is that when I arrived, I had a very nice meeting with a director of dance that made me visit Maroto. It was between demystify the tourist side of Tahiti, it was at the end of a fortnight a great discovery, and after, to thank, I dressed young women of the troupe. That is to say, I paint the way I usually paint tables, and thence, I've cut… So we arrive at the sculpture like this. So we found ourselves with living sculptures with beautiful women who wore my paintings passing on their corps. It was a rich experience that too, I loved.

I do not define myself as a painter, as an artist… I have something they do not like because it's always very pejorative… You're situ (and sometimes I really want to put that on bios), as a handyman, extremely pejorative for many people. Arrival (without exaggeration) thirty years of painting, I think I'm still in the experimentation, I try all the time, and I think what's interesting is when I get just by accident, to things.

And there, I stop, it's like a personality, sometimes the person is more interesting flaws in its qualities, so here goes, experimenting in my painting, touching any, really touching any (you had to see the workshop is a nest of treasures, bags, things like that), I get to have this intuitive painting…. And here I stand or painter, ni rien, but handyman… As, Sounds good !

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