MLai arguerite : vous qui suivez notre broadcast Mata'eina'a tour, hello. Today we will talk about what is behind me, the canoe. Rejoignons Heiarii dans son club qui assiste l’entraîneur dans son travailRamons avec lui. Heiarii, hello. In this common, What do you do after your job to maintain your body ?

Heiarii Huriore : I'll do the canoe. After hours, I'll get some of my friends who do not work and we row together, for ourselves. This is quite different than hanging in the night clubs, this gives us more ! We paddle most of the time until Puunui, et même parfois jusqu’au plateau de TaravaoLe parcours est dur.

Marguerite Lai : you practice this discipline long ?

Heiarii Huriore : it's been four years since I train.

Marguerite Lai : how did you come to the canoe, there are many other activities ?

Heiarii Huriore : I tried football, but I did manage to hurt me in the legs and around. Then, I tried the train and I liked. When I started rowing, I did as I am now, I was bigger. With the canoe, I saw my body change, so I continued.

Marguerite Lai : that takes you ?

Heiarii Huriore : is Tumoana, of course. When land is, Tumoana is telling us what to do, but on water, c’est moi qui m’occupe des deux canoes.

Marguerite Lai : why are you leaving in two canoes ?

Heiarii Huriore : it's better. You can see the team level. If the other boat goes faster, trying to catch, by cons, elle is ralentie, it motivates you to follow us. However, two canoes must be at the same level. When making a race, it is the same : we do not want there to be poorer than the other.

Marguerite Lai : explains how we going training ?

Heiarii Huriore : it gives me Tumoana program. If it is a long distance rowing, we do rangeland, and in the case of short distances, then, we sprints. Tumoana just told me what to do. By cons, if we have a race planned, then we train more.

Marguerite Lai : and that, whatever the weather ?

Heiarii Huriore : whatever there is in fact wind, rain. Ceci dit, if it is windy, it is just as well because it teaches us to paddle with the wind. If you do rowed when the sea is calm, nous ne saurions plus nous adapter aux conditions de la mer

Marguerite Lai : what you say or explain to your friends?

Heiarii Huriore : give your oars, listen to what you are told. This is for our good, if you really want to move, it can be done.

Marguerite Lai : that gives you your canoes ?

Heiarii Huriore : All our boats are Tumoana. Whoever does not, the factory itself. All equipment and materials are Tumoana, so, you can make yourself your canoe, and it costs you nothing.

Marguerite Lai : you physically bring that drives you every night ?

Heiarii Huriore : breath. Breath, but also psychological preparation. In this sport, il faut avoir un mental très fort sinon ça ne walking pas.

Marguerite Lai : how do you do to prepare yourself mentally ? We do a lot of long distances and sprints, to make the heart work.

Heiarii Huriore : walks on the lagoon, it does nothing.

Marguerite Lai : Do you have any special preparation before going rowing ?

Heiarii Huriore : we first stretching, overheating, then we discuss some, the training course, and when we are ready, and goes on ! Marguerite Lai : Heiarii, what is the goal you want to achieve with your club ?

Heiarii Huriore : we want to keep our club because it is the oldest. When we started, we were too young to participate in races. And now, we expect the next races for which we prepared.

Marguerite Lai : goods Heiarii. Une rame et deuxBien ! I leave you because I have a lot of training, on two canoes, four and six ! Goodbye and thank you for following us.

Realization: Claire Schwob
Realization: Claire Schwob Production : Tahiti nui companies
Type : Series magazines of proximité Theme : Meetings with people Tahiti Title : Mata'eina'a tour Synopsis : weekly, our leaders go to the discovery of a common Tahiti. They meet people, proud to share, in their language, the love of their common. Thanks to them, we find, the episodes, the’history, the hidden secrets of nature, the lives of young, the’economy and activities of their homes. Unit length : 5 minutes Episodes: 10 Language : French Formats : 4/3, the webtv of Tahiti and her Islands : your virtual trip to French Polynesia through hundreds of video

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