Teva Teihoteata : we will make a small hiking over three days so it is not too fast and too exhausting. This hike will take us to the Orohena.

We start ups of Mahinarama, Then we take the road which will lead us to the Thousand Sources, Thousand Sources then we climb up Pihaia teta, Pihaia of teta then we climb up iti Pito that should reach the end of the day.

Between two vertices, the Orohena and Aorai, you can see the neck Mahina and rock feature known as tooth Tetua ana.

Ca and est, we are Pihaia teta we normally reached after 5 hours walking. Behind us Pito iti, and a little further, the Orohena. Thither, right, Valley Papenoo.

Ca and est, Joel and Mathieu began the ascent of the second hump. Pito iti ! 2110 meters.
It takes a few hours of effort to achieve this but came here, the show worth the effort ! This is the last stop before attacking the summit, behind the Orohena. Here, it is literally in the center of the island.

Ca and est, this is the basis for the final attempt, the rise of Orohena. After some reconnaissance conducted last year and early this year, This time we hope to reach the summit. It's party !

Realization: Claire Schwob
Realization: Claire Schwob Production : Tahiti nui companies
Type : Series magazines Theme : Wildlife et Flore Francaise de Polynésie Title : Hiking in French Polynesia Synopsis : French Polynesia, allows hikers, amateur or professional, to discover its beautiful landscapes. A few hours, sometimes several days running and most secret sites, the most wonderful, surrender observers, always amazed surprise the greenery of the interior of the island. Unit length : 4 minutes 30 second Episodes: 7 Language : French Formats : 4/3, the webtv of Tahiti and her Islands : your virtual trip to French Polynesia through hundreds of video

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