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Première journée de la Taapuna Master, surfing competition, bodyboard and longboard dans la passe de Taapuna, on the island of Tahiti (French Polynesia) !

After the blessing of the premises, the surfers, forward, embark on the waves, and hope for a qualification for the quarter-finals.

Ia orana. This week, surf side, je vais vous présenter le spot de Taapuna. All years, in October, a la lieu Taapuna Master, renowned competition in Tahiti. Vous voulez voir une des premières journées de la compet ? Go ahead, I'll let you look.
About us, on se retrouve demain.

Erik Teihotu
“C’était assez éprouvant étant donné que ces derniers temps, I do not mean at all. I had a serious leg injury. I'm still going, I have no right but I'm going. And then, it's nice to be here. Good conditions, bonne compet.

Manu Cornu
I have not had a good session today, I'm not very happy with me. On verra ça plus tard.

Information on the surf spot:

Pass the Taapuna is in front of the town hall Punaauia (Tahiti, French Polynesia) et demeure un lieu uniquement accessible par la ocean, étant donné que le lagoon se positionne entre le rivage et la barriere de corail. This magical place is accessible to all experienced surfers brave and make a trip to swim for a period of 20 minutes …

Some characteristics to the surfing spot Taapuna :

- Location near major urban areas.
- Interesting location for wave.
- Regular frequency waves throughout the year, almost like waves KP 0 of Teahupoo.

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