Fan of Tahiti : Pascal Bonnel to Tahiti, Bora Bora and Huahine

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Fan de Tahiti : Pascal Bonnel à Tahiti, Bora Bora et Huahine

Pascal Bonnel : I did not know Polynesia, I've never been in Polynesia. As many people, I dreamed of Polynesia ... Who does not dream ? But I had my older brother who had come to work in Polynesia between 1965 and 1967. I was a teenager at the time, living in Corsica, diving enthusiast, of spearfishing, and when he sent me his photos, books that were made for my age, I was early adolescence, I told myself that one day in my life really, I would have come in Polynesia. And I came in Polynesia ! Arrived in Tahiti, je pense que l’intelligence de la...

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Sabrina Laughlin : We have a family activity, to the base, it is a pearl farm, it will be twenty years we are in pearl production. So fifteen years ago we opened the business visitors, they demonstrated complete production of the bead. Sure, they sell products on site that we leave the water, So pearls mounted or raw, such as I have here, beautiful beads Taha'a ... We also activities, of boating excursions. We made island tours by boat or mini van. It also opened a few months ago a restaurant ...

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Lyrics of visitors : Cathy, Elisabeth, Marie-Christine, Serge

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Paroles de visiteurs : Cathy, Elisabeth, Marie-Christine, Serge

Mr. and Mrs. Slesnick : we knew a couple who had come to her honeymoon, they did not stop to talk ! I told Cathy : "We're going to Tahiti. », she said : "Why not ! », and we went for our honeymoon. We went snorkeling. I got my certificate, Cathy already had. And we really relaxed ! Marie-Christine and Serge : we dreamed for many years. The sweet life, blue lagoons ... It was really a dream of many years. Additional, I do scuba diving, therefore a plunger, there spots like Rangiroa, Fakarava us ...

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Lyrics of visitors : Patrice, Jean-Claude, Mr and Mrs Laborie

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Paroles de visiteurs :  Patrice, Jean-Claude, Mr et Mme Laborie

Patrice : we have been there three years ago and we enjoyed this is why we return, and we will return ! I come for diving, it is the seabed Polynesia interests us and then the quality of the hotel and especially the kindness of Polynesians. Jean-Claude : I had heard of Polynesia so I want people to know what they say so warm, So I wanted to know if it was true ! And I recognize that this is true, it is no exaggeration ! Especially on Taha'a, there is a little, le reste foyer you say ...

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Lyrics of visitors : Mr and Mrs Lacourte, Olivier, Stephan and Florence

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Paroles de visiteurs : Mr et Mme Lacourte, Olivier, Stéphane et Florence

Mr. and Mrs. Lacourte : Polynesia, this is what dreams all people who live in metropolitan France. We had the chance to do several islands, we went to the Marquesas and then returned to the Society Islands. We loved the Marquesas with its completely torn landscapes, extremely friendly people, an extraordinary welcome, we met some very nice people really there, where it was discovered the beaches, lagoons, swim with fish, and then at the same time to meet with people in the middle land, et puis tous les sites archéologiques que l’on...

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Diving in French Polynesia 1

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Plongée sous-marine en Polynésie française n°1

Tahiti and her Islands (French Polynesia) meet exceptional conditions to learn about scuba diving. The water is warm, limpid, and resembles a huge lagoon pool very reassuring and shallow. Just a few meters and you can already discover different corals inhabited by a myriad of Surgeons, ladies sun or poles. It is not uncommon to find a small clown fish, which seems to play hide and seek with the plunger in the middle of anemones, while others, surgeons and butterflies, quiet, seem totally ignore ...

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