Tahiti.tv news : tourism on the island of Taha'a

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Tahiti.tv news : activité touristique sur l’île de Taha’a

Sabrina Laughlin : We have a family activity, to the base, it is a pearl farm, it will be twenty years we are in pearl production. So fifteen years ago we opened the business visitors, they demonstrated complete production of the bead. Sure, they sell products on site that we leave the water, So pearls mounted or raw, such as I have here, beautiful beads Taha'a ... We also activities, of boating excursions. We made island tours by boat or mini van. It also opened a few months ago a restaurant ...

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Monoi de Tahiti : Eric Vaxelaire

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Le monoï de Tahiti : Eric Vaxelaire

Eric Vaxelaire, Vice President of the Institute of Monoi : Why is this product unique and why it is only in French Polynesia, is that in fact the monoï consists of two elements : the tiare Tahiti, which is an endemic flower in French Polynesia called Gardenia tahitensis, with coconut oil are mixed, macerated, as enfleurage in perfumery and in fact will be the basis of Monoi. From 1992, designation of origin "Monoi de Tahiti" was recognized, This allows giving guarantees to consumers. A producer can not ...

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Tahiti.tv news : economic presentation of French Polynesia

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Tahiti.tv news : présentation économique de la Polynésie française

Most of 245 000 inhabitants of French Polynesia are scattered over an area as large as Europe. Most economic activity is concentrated in the Society Islands which includes 85% of the total population. The population is young with 43.1 % residents who have less than twenty years. While only 6% of the population over sixty years. Able tourism sector itself as the primary instrument of economic development of French Polynesia and directly employs over 7 500 people. Spurred by tax exemption devices metropolitan and local, the ...

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Tahiti.tv news : exposure “dance costumes”

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Tahiti.tv news  : exposition “la danse des costumes”

Freddy Fragut : This is wonderful because I see all these costumes, we review a past Heiva. Sometimes it even sees the dancers who danced in the costumes, and it, is a lot of emotions, many memories. An extraordinary pleasure ! Unutea Hirshon : some costumes that have more than twenty years are amazing creativity, research ... This is beautiful ! Denise Raapoto : I am really very happy to be there and see these masterpieces of those people who have worked for dance groups. Really is exceptional, I am very happy, really ! And this ...

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What, a vintage Tahiti

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Mana, une cuvée tahitienne

This is the last day of the harvest. A crucial moment where we see the result of a year's work, both the quality and the quantity of grain. Tahitian is Heifara, winemaker in the region of Cahors, he returned with his wife Anne, managing Domaine Saint-Sernin, exploitation of his wife's family have released a batch famille.Après Tahitian wine country called "Varua Maohi", he is currently working on a Cahors wine to be called "Mana." In each of his wines, Heifara not fail to recall its origins to which he remains deeply attached. Heifara Swartvagher, vigneron du Domaine...

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A Polynesian canoe, Faafaite i te ao Maohi

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Une pirogue polynésienne, Faafaite i te ao Maohi

No wooden hull but fiberglass, but not to ream a motor. In addition to its form, the canoe is not authentic, but it might surprise you. Came two meters long, it resembles our Polynesian ancestors, well if we exclude the modern touches. Claude Carlson, association "Faafaite the te ao Maohi» : "Today we can no longer cut trees, we will try to protect trees. And if the former have the glass fiber, it is on he would have used. " .

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