Meherio won the competition of the most beautiful Tahitian pearl 2010

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Meherio remporte le concours de la plus belle perle de Tahiti 2010

Madame ngrid LEFT, Executive Director of the Maison de la Perle: What we did today, is the pearl contest who participated in the auction, and who were willing we expose their finest pearls. Madame Jeanne LECOURT, Communications Manager at the House of Pearl: Jonathan and the house Pearl have sorted these pearls ; we have identified four forms : rounds / semi – round, the oval buttons drop, semi baroque and baroque rimmed. And the surprise arrival : professionals pearl, buyers, spaces, nous ont rĂ©vĂ©lĂ© que la...

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Art craftsmen : I see, Polynesian hook

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Artisan d’art : matau, l’hameçon polynĂ©sien

I see, Polynesian hook, expresses the concepts of eternity, cycles, and return inalienable things and beings. For the demigod is civilizing hero. Maui made islands reappear dark abysses of the ocean that kept them, clinging to his magical hook to give men a new era prestige and glory. It is mostly shaped in the nacre of the pearl oyster using saws or coral stone, lime in coral or sea urchin spines and spikes drill shell, themselves driven by flying to drill pump ....

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Art craftsmen : the nacre

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Artisan d’art : la nacre

Hiro Ouwen : was here Polynesia fortunate to have the pearl, it is a matter extraordinary. You can find the colors most iridescent nacre when you work in depth. The first step is the reflection, work design is very important, therefore draw on the drawing plane and then see then how it is realized. You must create, even once in the evening, sometimes I wake up at night because I have ideas that I work. I always carry a small notebook with me when I take note of everything that goes through my head. Foster mother of pearl, it is ...

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Dance costumes in Tahiti

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La danse des costumes Ă  Tahiti

The testimony of early European explorers of the eighteenth century describe dance costumes mostly made of tapa. This bark cloth beaten dressed dancers and musicians. Women, shirtless wore skirts of tapa decorated and adorned with woven plant fibers. Very simply dressed, Polynesians danced until the arrival of missionaries. These, horrified by the events they considered obscene gestures, banned from 1819 any representation of Tahitian dance. It will take 1880, at the onset of the official celebrations 14 July,...

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Costume dance in Tahiti, History and traditions

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Le costume de danse Ă  Tahiti, histoire et traditions

The testimony of early European explorers of the eighteenth century describe dance costumes mostly made of tapa. This bark cloth beaten dressed dancers and musicians. In 1928, le film Tabu, Bora Bora made by Murnau and Flaherty spends the costumes more. Gradually dresses assignments, pants and shirts fade ; the more is the essential element of traditional dance costume. Interview Matani Kainuku . It is a difficult task because it is ...

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Talents: the creation of a dance costume

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Talents: la crĂ©ation d’un costume de danse

Each year, during the Heiva i Tahiti festivities taking place every year in Papeete (French Polynesia), dance costumes accompany each step, every gesture of dancers. Coco, group leader and costume speaks stages of the creation of costumes. When I start a suit, is already a small "tick" in my head, and then I draw. Sometimes I do something and I do not know what it will look like, and As ideas come. And it leaves alone. I have a database and I try to change it of course while respecting the traditional side of the costume. It is ...

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