Slides Polynesia : skate and graff

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Glisse en Polynésie : skate and graff

We are at the skatepark Tipaerui place where the first contest organized by the association Creativcrew. The life style contest, original format of competitions. Behind the mini ramp, artists realized two frescoes artists while balancing on two wheels or four battled a sudden flip or other figures. The rain is not announced the appointment, all these people had a hand in the dough for a day skate and graff. How you go about inspiration ? Rican, Tahitian, a mixture of both ? You've done a drawing ? Thou hast there ? Show me. Donc là c’est ce...

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Angelo, painter

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Angelo, artiste peintre

His grandfather told him. Of these stories and legends, Imagine a il, flashes it arrived and opened her eyes. He represented what he saw on paper, the ink. Close to nature, listening and open to the natural environment, it leaves the inspiration of the earth to invade express. Illustrations that hide other ... , we can distinguish a coconut, a dove, fish. But when approaching a little more, other appear some sleep. A longtime friend encouraged him to reveal his gifts. His ...

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