Wendy Bunkley in Cosmetic academy, season 3

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Wendy Bunkley dans Cosmetic academy, saison 3

Wendy Benkley est. âgée de 38 years, profession knows : saleswoman in jewelery. Wendy has chosen to create a care capillary the name of Teanavai. Wendy Bunkley , this is when I opened La dépêche, I saw the word creativity, so it me rained and I won a place at the Cosmetic Academy. to make a product. My product oral and scent, first of bamboo, of opui, of the rainforest, then the color I prefer it remains rather neutral, in shades clear, pearly, because I would like although this product is accessible to all, therefore this is not a precise color, it is a color ...

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Miriama Geoffroy, women and writing

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Miriama Geoffroy, femmes et écritures

Miriama Geoffroy, women and writing to the assembly of French Polynesia (Tahiti) In fact currently I am a painter, but it is a vocation which proved to me there is not very long, there are only six. Before I was an architect ; so I studied architecture in Paris, I worked for two years, I went through a little communication, I dabbled in many things that revolved around the phrase but actually make my vocation and that is when I had my first child that I had ...

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Patricia Baron Lysio, portrait artist in Tahiti

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Patricia Baron Lysio, portrait d’artistes à Tahiti

Patricia Baron Lysio the Workshop Very young, after my degree, I spent three years in the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris and I had the opportunity to live in several countries, which allowed me to work to harvest some authentic tables later. Therefore 18 years, I find myself at the School of Fine Arts and the only thing that interested me after it was out of this journey for a little academic exercise power just something else and this is what is most difficult for me, It took me almost ten years ... having dabbled in watercolor, full of ...

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Art craftsmen : stone flower

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Artisan d’art : la pierre fleurie

Phonolite garnet is a volcanic rock that is only found in two places in the world : Brazil and the Marquesas Islands and more specifically the island of Ua Pou, and more precisely in two valleys of this island only, Valley and the Hohoi Hakata. A few nautical miles from Ua Pou, in the neighboring island of Nuku Hiva, vit Tehau Ah Sha. Tehau is an artist. His specialty is sculpture, her favorite material, La Pierre. I must say it runs in the family ! Marquesan his ancestors have left many traces of their expertise. Phonolite contains treasures ...

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Jean-Jacques and Gilles Fraysse Toy, painters in Tahiti

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Jean-Jacques Jouet et Gilles Fraysse, artistes peintres à Tahiti

Confrontation of their vision Polynesian, each perception lying on the canvas. They both seek the truth but everyone sees a different angle. Landscapes, bright colors, vegetation, Polynesian people, inspired his painting ... , The square art gallery : Jean-Jacques Jouet lives in Polynesia since 1988, is married and has children Polynesian. This is a man who loves Polynesia, who painted for Polynesia and painted with colors Polynesia, who loves anatomy with beautiful images and shows always colorful but also very bright. These are ...

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Gotz, painter in Tahiti

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Gotz, artiste peintre à Tahiti

[brightcove video="916588129001" /] Gotz, or perpetual search of deeper self, now turns to the "we". Duel, bodies that intertwine or interweave, for fighting or frolicking, the merger is the result of two bodies together. Gotz studies, experiments, includes man through his creation, yin and yang, the man-woman relationship. Gotz : it is not just the couple that interest me, This is the entity that is created by man and woman polarity. There are quite a role in this, this is what I want to recreate in images. Each supports the other, this is not always the strongest who apparently also holds the couple ....

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