Fan of Tahiti : Jean-François Clervoy in Moorea

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Fan de Tahiti : Jean-François Clervoy à Moorea

Jean-François Clervoy : Polynesia from space, is a string of beads, a little messy with a little larger islands, some mountainous, others just as atolls, beautiful turquoise color, sometimes they are pinched and was really tearful emotion, Beauty, before these colors. What surprised me the most, this is real beauty, concrete landscapes. I spent several days in Moorea these days and really sometimes I wonder why I live in the concrete every day when I see those nice people who reach the sea with all the wildlife,...

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Stop in the Tuamotus. If Tahiti was told to me

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Escale aux Tuamotu. Si Tahiti m’était conté

We will leave Tahiti for a moment to make a short trip in an archipelago. We take passage on board one of these schooners join in two or three days the first island in the Tuamotu group. The main destination of schooners being the transport of goods, the passengers are of secondary importance, comfortable and private. But the Tahitian always at ease, laughs always cranky passengers popa'a. This system will not let you convenience Does it not seem to have been added to regret ? It is a symbol… On the line ...

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Polynesian hotels : Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort

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Hôtels polynésiens : Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort

Since June 2001, the Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort welcomes visitors to its 4 hectares of tropical paradis. Located on a deserted white sand beach lined with coconut, the Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort offers beach bungalows and overwater bungalows on water. The bar and restaurant, at the pool, are an ideal setting to contemplate the starry night sky. Many excursions and activities are proposed. The Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort discover a haven of peace, both exclusive and relaxed where reigns the warm Polynesian hospitality. The pink sand island, Tikehau, this graceful crown of pink sand beaches, incarne le paysage de carte...

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To share their passion and make accessible this wonder of nature, this is the mission that are fixed incumbents Polynesian, creators TAHIZEA. Make reference to a new way of living jewel, TAHIZEA guarantees the origin and traditional farming methods of the Tahitian Pearl. Distant oasis surrounded by the vast Pacific, the islands of French Polynesia remain in the unconscious of each, land of mystery and dreams inaccessible. The five islands with evocative names, Windward Islands, islands Sous-le-Vent, Austral Islands, Marquesas and Tuamotu-Gambier, regroupent sur une surface maritime équivalente à l’Europe cent...

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