Living a Tahiti Yacht charter cruise with her children

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Vivre une croisière Tahiti Yacht charter avec ses enfants

A cruise with your children would be to offer them the precious gift of an unforgettable time with nature. Their spirit of adventure and discovery will be enhanced. They will quickly adapt to life aboard and all our vessels are well equipped for daily routines and their safety. A tailor-made formula All our catamarans are adapted to having children aboard, even very young ones. Forward peaks are inter-leading. A safety net runs right around the boat and small-size safety jackets are available. Everything is adapted to complement your own supervision on a permanent basis. Our crews know how to listen attentively to children aboard and help them participate in the...

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Fan of Tahiti : Pascal Bonnel to Tahiti, Bora Bora and Huahine

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Fan de Tahiti : Pascal Bonnel à Tahiti, Bora Bora et Huahine

Pascal Bonnel : I did not know Polynesia, I've never been in Polynesia. As many people, I dreamed of Polynesia ... Who does not dream ? But I had my older brother who had come to work in Polynesia between 1965 and 1967. I was a teenager at the time, living in Corsica, diving enthusiast, of spearfishing, and when he sent me his photos, books that were made for my age, I was early adolescence, I told myself that one day in my life really, I would have come in Polynesia. And I came in Polynesia ! Arrived in Tahiti, je pense que l’intelligence de la...

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Meherio won the competition of the most beautiful Tahitian pearl 2010

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Meherio remporte le concours de la plus belle perle de Tahiti 2010

Madame ngrid LEFT, Executive Director of the Maison de la Perle: What we did today, is the pearl contest who participated in the auction, and who were willing we expose their finest pearls. Madame Jeanne LECOURT, Communications Manager at the House of Pearl: Jonathan and the house Pearl have sorted these pearls ; we have identified four forms : rounds / semi – round, the oval buttons drop, semi baroque and baroque rimmed. And the surprise arrival : professionals pearl, buyers, spaces, nous ont révélé que la...

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Auctions Tahitian pearls (October 2010) in Bora Bora

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Ventes aux enchères de perles de Tahiti (octobre 2010) à Bora Bora

Interview with Mr. Foster Temauri, Minister of Marine Resources , is to gradually reduce the sales of real pearl in its cradle that is French Polynesia. Arrivée à Bora Bora et à l'hôtel Bora Bora Nui , Executive Director of the House of Pearl 2009 in the context of reforms undertaken by the Government in this period,...

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The tahitian Monoi road, Tahitian version

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La route du monoï à Tahiti, version tahitienne

Möno'i ... 'or Tahiti Teie, Mahana te 'e ta be mau moemoe'ae that could muri ra. Nö you rahira'a, and ma'a möhina iti noa Teie, 'Rau ua te' ü 'e te no'ano'a. The Pörïnëtia Farani in, te na 'Ai'a tupura'a, orara'a that this rahu'a for the each day that 'fact his fa'a'ohipara'a. I Tahiti, "Te Ara ö you Möno'i", e 'E'a mäta'ita'ira'a e ha'api'ipi'ira'a, 'Ia' ite 'Utu i Teie hinu nö Patifita o tei Parare NÄ t'ao ato'a nei. Tö na...

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Hawaiki nui Va'a race 2001 (Tepaetia)

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La course Hawaiki nui va’a 2001 (Tepaetia)

Le programme d’Hawaiki nui va’a Mercredi Huahine / Raiatea (44,5 kms) 06 h 00 Convening of rowers 07 h 30 DO / HUAHINE start of the first stage 11 h 15 Approximate arrival 1st Va'a. Control sheets Commissioners. Approval of the results, Awards ceremony for the first three step. Va'a HINE / Taurea (Relay 24 kms) 11 h 00 Convening of rowers 13 h 00 UTUROA / RAIATEA start of the race VA'AHINE 13 h 20 UTUROA / RAIATEA Uturoa start of the race TAURE'A 16 h 00 Estimated arrival of the 1st va'a Uturoa Raiatea. Control records of commissioners ....

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