Video clips : Tikahiri chante “A tape'a te pa'ari ”

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Clips : Tikahiri chante “A tape’a te pa’ari ”

You torire nei Toku feruri Haga : Tikahiri sur Facebook, The website Tikahiri : Clip musical : A tāpe’a te...

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Trailer of the chain of Creation

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Bande annonce de la chaîne Création sur

Light, the sweet life Polynesian always promoted artistic creation : Gauguin to Matisse, many artists have fallen under the spell. Create chain highlights all Polynesian artists : singers, writers, musicians, sculptors, dancers, painters, and also distributes music videos, etc. ., through the creation of an on-demand rich media platform, able to combine the functionality of the Web 2.0, allows the deployment of content across all media audiovisual communication (web 2.0., webtv,...

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Vaihere Cadousteau, women and writing

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Vaihere Cadousteau, femmes et écritures

I'm Vaihere Poe Cadousteau, I am a teacher at the College of Tipaerui, I teach French and I am also a writer for the dance group Tamarii Tipaerui during the Heiva since the year 2004 until the year 2010. I had great difficulty writing in Tahitian language since it is not my mother tongue, my parents did not necessarily speak fluently, expressions stood out but it was really happening everywhere and basic expressions ; So I learned Tahitian school and especially high school. This was a challenge for me ...

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Short Film : the life of a plastic bag or bichon green

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Court-métrage : la vie d’un sac plastique ou le bichon écolo

Effervescence Wednesday morning in a large area of ​​common Arue. A small team made a short film at the checkout .... A history of plastic bags, written by women wedges Pirae. Georgina, maid, mother 3 children, grandmother soon, saw his first acting experience. She is a little nervous, admits it, but happy to participate in this adventure. With 6 other women in her neighborhood, and with Germain, one man in this group, She co-wrote the screenplay for the short film in the meetings held in the Assembly, à l’initiative d’Armelle...

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Short Film : Murder Between Small Toys

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Court-métrage : petits Meurtres Entre Jouets

Little Murder Between Toys, prize for the best technical use 2010. A film by Fabien Sevin 2.0 and 3G : 1 mobile phone, 1 1 minute film ; les camera phones et le « user content generated ». • Provide a way for this new revolution of expression ...

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Short Film : a gesture to save the planet

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Court-métrage : un geste pour sauver la planète

A gesture to save the planet, Audience Award 2010 A gesture can have serious consequences on the environment. Here is the proof through the vicissitudes of a can thrown in nature … Respect our planet. A film directed by Sylvestre-Baron Thomas in association with SALMON Ariitea : “Into the fire” Thirteen Senses , TNTV found it increasingly urgent need to support the creation, talent and local production ....

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