Vaihere Cadousteau, women and writing

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Vaihere Cadousteau, femmes et Ă©critures

I'm Vaihere Poe Cadousteau, I am a teacher at the College of Tipaerui, I teach French and I am also a writer for the dance group Tamarii Tipaerui during the Heiva since the year 2004 until the year 2010. I had great difficulty writing in Tahitian language since it is not my mother tongue, my parents did not necessarily speak fluently, expressions stood out but it was really happening everywhere and basic expressions ; So I learned Tahitian school and especially high school. This was a challenge for me ...

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Auctions Tahitian pearls (October 2010) in Bora Bora

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Ventes aux enchères de perles de Tahiti (octobre 2010) à Bora Bora

Interview with Mr. Foster Temauri, Minister of Marine Resources , is to gradually reduce the sales of real pearl in its cradle that is French Polynesia. Arrivée à Bora Bora et à l'hôtel Bora Bora Nui , Executive Director of the House of Pearl 2009 in the context of reforms undertaken by the Government in this period,...

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Titaua Peu, women and writing

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Titaua Peu, femmes et Ă©critures

Titaua Peu, 34 years, author of "mutism" released in 2003. What prompted me to write this is a kind of anger. I returned from my studies in Paris, I arrived in Tahiti and my country was no longer the same. It is this feeling that I wanted to describe, raconter non pas par Nostalgie, but to understand my country that one became anything. It was mainly to find a word Tahitian because at the time and still paradoxically, Tahitian do not always express what he really feels, on what is. On...

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Art craftsmen : I see, Polynesian hook

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Artisan d’art : matau, l’hameçon polynĂ©sien

I see, Polynesian hook, expresses the concepts of eternity, cycles, and return inalienable things and beings. For the demigod is civilizing hero. Maui made islands reappear dark abysses of the ocean that kept them, clinging to his magical hook to give men a new era prestige and glory. It is mostly shaped in the nacre of the pearl oyster using saws or coral stone, lime in coral or sea urchin spines and spikes drill shell, themselves driven by flying to drill pump ....

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Freddy Fragut : This is wonderful because I see all these costumes, we review a past Heiva. Sometimes it even sees the dancers who danced in the costumes, and it, is a lot of emotions, many memories. An extraordinary pleasure ! Unutea Hirshon : some costumes that have more than twenty years are amazing creativity, research ... This is beautiful ! Denise Raapoto : I am really very happy to be there and see these masterpieces of those people who have worked for dance groups. Really is exceptional, I am very happy, really ! And this ...

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Xavier Proia, sculptor in Tahiti

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Xavier Proia, sculpteur Ă  Tahiti

He came to Tahiti on his first wave of passion : surfing. Since he tasted island life, it is no longer left. Then the art of sculpture in stone and the challenges bewitches. Xavier Proia, a self taught artist. It is invaded by the universe and just feels sensations. The invisible, nature speaks to him, contact him, this is where the inspiration comes. Xavier Proia, sculptor : These are a lot of things that are closer to the earth, human, Universe. All things which carry love messages, Crops et ...

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