Backstage at the International Film Festival Pacific (Fifo)

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Les coulisses du festival international du film océanien (Fifo)

For the fifth edition of Fifo, we have chosen to lead behind the scenes of this great festival. Shot ! They repeat. Do they know the words by heart ? Pierre Ollivier : adventure Fifo, this is actually a human adventure and an adventure team. People who are in this adventure is the adventure from the beginning. There may be some people who have joined us but the spirit, the concept, it has not changed. We did that change, we did change but the soul of the FIFO is always the same, and I think the soul of Fifo, we were able to and then kept this team, on a...

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Heremoana Mamatuaiautapu, vice president of FIFO : I think the Fifo, we do not stop to say from the beginning, it already provides a look at the Oceania, looked a bit peculiar to a particular time of the year, it became a recurring appointment. It has grown that we do not initially suspected. To me, this is a place of extraordinary encounters and exchanges. Part of the charm of this festival, it is also the cocktail parties, where informal discussions can lead to projects that we do not even suspect. We'll talk in the series "The Bay ...

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