Trailer of the chain of Tradition

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Bande annonce de la chaîne Tradition sur

Chain of tradition comes both present than the past. Emissions can discover history, ancestral customs, everyday life of post-war and also offers excerpts from Heiva, festival of culture maohi or an introduction to the Tahitian language. is the first webtv dedicated to Tahiti and her islands., through the creation of an on-demand rich media platform, able to combine the functionality of the Web 2.0, allows the deployment of content across all media audiovisual communication (web 2.0., webtv, iphone,...

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Vaihere Cadousteau, women and writing

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Vaihere Cadousteau, femmes et écritures

I'm Vaihere Poe Cadousteau, I am a teacher at the College of Tipaerui, I teach French and I am also a writer for the dance group Tamarii Tipaerui during the Heiva since the year 2004 until the year 2010. I had great difficulty writing in Tahitian language since it is not my mother tongue, my parents did not necessarily speak fluently, expressions stood out but it was really happening everywhere and basic expressions ; So I learned Tahitian school and especially high school. This was a challenge for me ...

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Learn to say COURAGE reo Tahiti

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Apprendre à dire COURAGE en reo Tahiti

Courage : fa'aitoito, each glottal accentuée. Fa'aitoito means having the courage, energy, of force. It is also to be bold, persistence. During the Heiva, before certain tests of strength and skill such as race bearing fruit, the javelin, carry stones, the boat race, means exclaim "fa'aitoito". During difficult times, mourning, test, disease, quest, it provides moral support. Courage in the work : fa'aitoito 'or the you ha'a. Type : Series of magazines :...

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Freddy Fragut : This is wonderful because I see all these costumes, we review a past Heiva. Sometimes it even sees the dancers who danced in the costumes, and it, is a lot of emotions, many memories. An extraordinary pleasure ! Unutea Hirshon : some costumes that have more than twenty years are amazing creativity, research ... This is beautiful ! Denise Raapoto : I am really very happy to be there and see these masterpieces of those people who have worked for dance groups. Really is exceptional, I am very happy, really ! And this ...

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Miss Tahiti, parade in uniform plant

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Miss Tahiti, défilé en tenue végétale

Teura Bauwens : I danced with Madeleine Moua ; dance troupe named Heiva. It was she who pushed me to go introduce myself ... And that's how I found among other. Presenter : Mrs., Miss, Mr., let me tell you hello and welcome you to the 41st edition of the election of Miss Tahiti. Tania PANI: Despite the three election I spent previously, this does not prevent me from having the jitters tonight. Rava TERIIRAUMIHAU : Moved enough to everything public. Tehina Schmith : I'm a little empty, but who cares,...

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Dance costumes in Tahiti

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La danse des costumes à Tahiti

The testimony of early European explorers of the eighteenth century describe dance costumes mostly made of tapa. This bark cloth beaten dressed dancers and musicians. Women, shirtless wore skirts of tapa decorated and adorned with woven plant fibers. Very simply dressed, Polynesians danced until the arrival of missionaries. These, horrified by the events they considered obscene gestures, banned from 1819 any representation of Tahitian dance. It will take 1880, at the onset of the official celebrations 14 July,...

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