Fan of Tahiti : Jean-François Clervoy in Moorea

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Fan de Tahiti : Jean-François Clervoy à Moorea

Jean-François Clervoy : Polynesia from space, is a string of beads, a little messy with a little larger islands, some mountainous, others just as atolls, beautiful turquoise color, sometimes they are pinched and was really tearful emotion, Beauty, before these colors. What surprised me the most, this is real beauty, concrete landscapes. I spent several days in Moorea these days and really sometimes I wonder why I live in the concrete every day when I see those nice people who reach the sea with all the wildlife,...

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Hinagaro Tokoragi in Cosmetic academy, season 3

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Hinagaro Tokoragi dans Cosmetic academy, saison 3

Hinagaro Tokoragi a 41 years, profession knows : Customs officer. Hinano has chosen to create a ritual capillary : "O'Hono." Hinano TokoragiCe that triggered my registration, it's just my friend, Rivers, who asked me to accompany him in this contest and I thank dragged me to this contest. Thanks to her I saw a thrilling experience. I wanted to represent Tahiti, mountain side. Tahiti and valleys, Tahiti and its rivers and including my product I wanted to pay tribute to an ancient practice : shampoo with nectar opui. In fact in ...

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Hinagaro Maifano in Cosmetic academy, season 3

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Hinagaro Maifano dans Cosmetic academy, saison 3

Hinagaro Maifano, Bishop wife 26 years, profession knows : hostess on a cruise ship. Its creation : jelly islands named "Poevai". Hinagaro Maifano: what triggered my entry to the contest ? Firstly I am a person who uses a lot of beauty products. Before buying a product, I am very interested in the product composition, the smell, the texture, and the effect caused by this product. Being also a person with quite specific tastes, so I can buy a product, I must reflect through this product. D’où mon...

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Learn to say HAPPY NEW YEAR in reo Tahiti

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Apprendre à dire BONNE ANNEE en reo Tahiti

Happy New Year : ia orana you matahiti the bees'. Un «h», one and two long vowels glottal. Once, The new year began in late November with the appearance of the Pleiades and the season of abundance. Since Christianity is January 1 that you want ia orana i te matahiti api. In some islands and districts, it is customary to greet everyone, each household asparagus visitors talc and cologne to drive away evil spirits, and we kiss. A Tahiti, some go around the island to wish a happy new year to friends and people from the ...

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Auctions Tahitian pearls (October 2010) in Bora Bora

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Ventes aux enchères de perles de Tahiti (octobre 2010) à Bora Bora

Interview with Mr. Foster Temauri, Minister of Marine Resources , is to gradually reduce the sales of real pearl in its cradle that is French Polynesia. Arrivée à Bora Bora et à l'hôtel Bora Bora Nui , Executive Director of the House of Pearl 2009 in the context of reforms undertaken by the Government in this period,...

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Art craftsmen : I see, Polynesian hook

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Artisan d’art : matau, l’hameçon polynésien

I see, Polynesian hook, expresses the concepts of eternity, cycles, and return inalienable things and beings. For the demigod is civilizing hero. Maui made islands reappear dark abysses of the ocean that kept them, clinging to his magical hook to give men a new era prestige and glory. It is mostly shaped in the nacre of the pearl oyster using saws or coral stone, lime in coral or sea urchin spines and spikes drill shell, themselves driven by flying to drill pump ....

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