Xavier Proia, sculptor in Tahiti

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Xavier Proia, sculpteur à Tahiti

He came to Tahiti on his first wave of passion : surfing. Since he tasted island life, it is no longer left. Then the art of sculpture in stone and the challenges bewitches. Xavier Proia, a self taught artist. It is invaded by the universe and just feels sensations. The invisible, nature speaks to him, contact him, this is where the inspiration comes. Xavier Proia, sculptor : These are a lot of things that are closer to the earth, human, Universe. All things which carry love messages, Crops et ...

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Video clips : Leo sings Marais “Let me love”

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Clips : Léo Marais chante “Fais-moi l’amour”

Leo Marsh takes us into a dark and mysterious world of words of love. “Getter and determined ? No doubt ! Leo Marais does not mince his words and music either. Ballads and rock songs are burning a tribute to French music in which he was immersed in his childhood. His father listened indeed the great voices of the French song, as Ferré, Brel, Barbara. A 14 years, he formed his first rock band "Offenheit" which means in German "openness". Original creations of his pieces are inspired by the new-age rock spirit of the era marked by ...

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