Art craftsmen : I see, Polynesian hook

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Artisan d’art : matau, l’hameçon polynésien

I see, Polynesian hook, expresses the concepts of eternity, cycles, and return inalienable things and beings. For the demigod is civilizing hero. Maui made islands reappear dark abysses of the ocean that kept them, clinging to his magical hook to give men a new era prestige and glory. It is mostly shaped in the nacre of the pearl oyster using saws or coral stone, lime in coral or sea urchin spines and spikes drill shell, themselves driven by flying to drill pump ....

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Sport in Tahiti : Jet ski

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Sport à Tahiti : Jet ski

Jet Ski Enthusiast, Louison Mati decided, with the Federation of Tahiti Jet ski, create an event : a race between Tahiti and Moorea Go / return. Seen from the sky, competitors seem to glide over the ocean at breakneck speeds. Images and reactions. James Haoatai : Tahiti jet club has existed for seventeen. We started out small play on Moorea, and when we realized that we began to have some core, began to compete. Augustin Buchin : it was a good race, a good race. Return there was plsu wind, on a du mal à...

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Diving in French Polynesia 1

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Plongée sous-marine en Polynésie française n°1

Tahiti and her Islands (French Polynesia) meet exceptional conditions to learn about scuba diving. The water is warm, limpid, and resembles a huge lagoon pool very reassuring and shallow. Just a few meters and you can already discover different corals inhabited by a myriad of Surgeons, ladies sun or poles. It is not uncommon to find a small clown fish, which seems to play hide and seek with the plunger in the middle of anemones, while others, surgeons and butterflies, quiet, seem totally ignore ...

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Polynesian flight : pleasure boats, seen from the sky

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Envol polynésien : les bateaux de plaisance, vus du ciel

French Polynesia is a favorite place for sea lovers. The pleasure boats, sailboats, catamarans inhabit lagoons and the ocean. Sometimes anchored docks, most like to drift in the translucent waters Polynesian. Nature lover, Captains do not hesitate to drop anchor in some places sometimes considered inaccessible; That is wonderful encounters between sailboats, catamarans, place in these calm waters, each seeking tranquility, beauty, approach and magnificent landscapes, only sailors can see! ...

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Surfing in Tahiti : Taapuna Master n ° 5

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Surf à Tahiti : Taapuna Master n°5

Last day of competition “Taapuna Master”. Bodyboarder, longboarder, surfers and surfers… All trying to make the best wave, make the best tube… and get on the podium and the coveted ! Animator: Ia orana everyone ! Today is the last day of competition of the master Taapuna. This is the final. Voice cameraman : before one, you're not in the light. You can see. Back, back, back, go. Stop, stop. Animator : Today is the last day of competition of the master Taapuna. This is the final. Voice cameraman : Not, not, the ...

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Polynesian flight : People of the Sea, seen from the sky

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Envol polynésien : peuple de la mer, vu du ciel

This flight we discover that people browsers. In ancient times, Polynesians moved in “pahi”, large double canoe, to transport their families, their animals, their plants, all the paraphernalia necessary for the colonization of other lands. Today, deeply rooted in Polynesian navigation remains a much-used means of transport, The canoe, single or double remains the national sport of Polynesia. We meet these browsers, with these images from the sky we perceive a different angle. Type : Series ...

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