Fan of Tahiti : Jean-François Clervoy in Moorea

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Fan de Tahiti : Jean-François Clervoy à Moorea

Jean-François Clervoy : Polynesia from space, is a string of beads, a little messy with a little larger islands, some mountainous, others just as atolls, beautiful turquoise color, sometimes they are pinched and was really tearful emotion, Beauty, before these colors. What surprised me the most, this is real beauty, concrete landscapes. I spent several days in Moorea these days and really sometimes I wonder why I live in the concrete every day when I see those nice people who reach the sea with all the wildlife,...

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Fan of Tahiti : Pascal Bonnel to Tahiti, Bora Bora and Huahine

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Fan de Tahiti : Pascal Bonnel à Tahiti, Bora Bora et Huahine

Pascal Bonnel : I did not know Polynesia, I've never been in Polynesia. As many people, I dreamed of Polynesia ... Who does not dream ? But I had my older brother who had come to work in Polynesia between 1965 and 1967. I was a teenager at the time, living in Corsica, diving enthusiast, of spearfishing, and when he sent me his photos, books that were made for my age, I was early adolescence, I told myself that one day in my life really, I would have come in Polynesia. And I came in Polynesia ! Arrived in Tahiti, je pense que l’intelligence de la...

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Trailer Chain News on

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Bande annonce de la chaîne Actualité sur

This chain offers thematic interviews with local actors, private and institutional economics, tourism and event Polynesian : how to invest, products exported, Accommodation Deals, major events, etc. Tourists we also deliver their impressions at the end of their stay in French Polynesia., through the creation of an on-demand rich media platform, able to combine the functionality of the Web 2.0, allows the deployment of content across all media audiovisual communication (web 2.0., webtv, iphone, mobile tv,...

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The Monoi Road, Japanese version

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La route du monoï, version japonaise

Monoi ... a name that evokes alone Tahiti and dreams, the sun and the faraway. This is very much a small bottle with colored label, scented flowers and exotic. En Polynésie française, land that saw the birth, it's a lifestyle, a product of daily multiple uses. On the island of Tahiti, Monoi Road, true initiatory journey, invites you to discover this sacred oil Pacific is now exported worldwide entier.Tout begins with subtle encounter between coconut and tiare flower ...

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Meherio won the competition of the most beautiful Tahitian pearl 2010

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Meherio remporte le concours de la plus belle perle de Tahiti 2010

Madame ngrid LEFT, Executive Director of the Maison de la Perle: What we did today, is the pearl contest who participated in the auction, and who were willing we expose their finest pearls. Madame Jeanne LECOURT, Communications Manager at the House of Pearl: Jonathan and the house Pearl have sorted these pearls ; we have identified four forms : rounds / semi – round, the oval buttons drop, semi baroque and baroque rimmed. And the surprise arrival : professionals pearl, buyers, spaces, nous ont révélé que la...

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Heidi Yieng Kow, women and writing

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Heidi Yieng Kow, femmes et écritures

I studied, I actually have a contest to get a job especially, I applied and I was lucky enough to be taken. I did three years of training in Bordeaux after Degree in English and then I came back and since I work. In fact we tend to forget when you have a camera that you need to write as, often referred images, sound, the importance of it all, but it is true that when you share a story, he must already have the first elements, writings ... The contacts we take written, there you take notes, then ...

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