Patrick Guichard, portrait artist in Tahiti

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Patrick Guichard, portrait d’artistes à Tahiti

My name is Patrick Guichard, I am self-taught artist amateur, I was born in Metropolis, I 59 years soon ; I am a former teacher and educator and I re paint from the age of seven or eight years. I am immediately interested in painting and I deepened my knowledge when I was in high school mainly, in libraries, visiting museums ... I was very influenced, strongly influenced by the Impressionists, after I had a little time off in my discovery of painting when I hit a little abstract art, or say, un art...

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Bernard Marzy, painter in Tahiti

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Bernard Marzy, artiste peintre à Tahiti

Bernard Marzy, painter (Polynesian artists in video A browser, poet, lovers of nature and the environment, Bernard Marzy, romantic and figurative painter. It reproduces carefully and patience which is beautiful in his eyes. He does not feel the need to distort or interpret what he sees his imagination. Bernard Marzy, painter : for me the most beautiful invention, it is nature that has made. Observing fish, shellfish, flowers, the clouds ... I do not feel the need to invent something else. I try to look in more detail, of ...

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