Heiarii, boatman of Vairao, Taiarapu West Tahiti

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Heiarii, piroguier de Vairao, Taiarapu Ouest à Tahiti

Marguerite Lai : that you follow our broadcast tower Mata'eina'a, hello. Today we will talk about what is behind me, the pirogue. Heiarii join his club coach who assists in his work with him Ramons .... Heiarii, hello. In this common, What do you do after your job to maintain your body ? Heiarii Huriore : I'll do the canoe. After hours, I'll get some of my friends who do not work and we row together, for ourselves. This is quite different than hanging in the night clubs, this gives us more ! We paddle most of the time until Puunui, et même...

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