Cosmetic academy, season 3 : trailer

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Cosmetic academy, saison 3 : la bande annonce

In a cosmetic creation, represent an archipelago, an island, a valley, a beach, a site historique .... or more generally a place. This product must be the expression of a past time, a meeting, an union, the best memories, his childhood, its best vacation in Tahiti ... or his îles.Tahiti and its islands, source of emotions !Of the Marquesas, Tuamotu, Austral and Society, during a visit to these islands, emotions are always intense. Landscapes, colors and fragrances éveillés.Tahiti maintain all directions and its islands, engine ...

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Preparing raw fish. If Tahiti was told to me

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La préparation du poisson cru. Si Tahiti m’était conté

Catch of the Day ! What will be his destination ? The vahine will inform us. This one, returning from the market, will deliver our eyes to the making of the famous raw fish. At this time, among the personalities that tourism had led to Tahiti, Sat Letrone included, well known cook gourmet France. Despite its vast culinary knowledge, he still had to learn how to prepare raw fish. First we cut the tuna or bonito cubes. The chef is attentive, in Europe it will be more instructive to him vahine. Also do not he hesitates, like ...

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Use of coconut and bamboo. If Tahiti was told to me

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Utilisation du cocotier et du bambou. Si Tahiti m’était conté

The true treasure of the Tahitians is primarily coconut. There are over one hundred different uses of this wonderful tree which is over the main economic resource of Oceania. The natives claim that coconuts have eyes and they fall on the head of the bad guys. We must believe since vahine settle below without fear of receiving the head ! How coconut copra she becomes industrial. The land is particularly low in Tahiti, they pick the fruit with a picnic. Then the group. La noix est ensuite fendue d’un...

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The valleys of Tahiti. If Tahiti was told to me

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Les vallées de Tahiti. Si Tahiti m’était conté

This heavenly setting draws us. Come discover the charms of our cool valleys. Sun, greenery, water springing and leaping ! Everything is consistent with the description that gave the discoverers of Lands. Hundred meters of free fall ... It is ideal for bathing and inhabited by nymphs ! Distraction of all seasons as the weather never changes. Valley Papenoo, the deepest and most picturesque island. We encounter a mahu, human type that decency requires us to summarize under the name of androgynous. They are also highly sought after because of their domestic qualities ....

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Miss Tahiti, parade in swimsuit

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Miss Tahiti, défilé en maillot de bain

Presenter : I will now talk about the scariest parade. This is the passage in swimsuit. Tehina Schmith : Contrary to what they say, this time I do not think so. It was the way we actually preferred all because ... I think it's because of the choreography ; as we danced ... it was really the place where we were we, where we broke on stage precisely because actions, So instead it was really the way forward was expected because we knew we would dance, So we said : « super,...

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Stop in the Tuamotus. If Tahiti was told to me

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Escale aux Tuamotu. Si Tahiti m’était conté

We will leave Tahiti for a moment to make a short trip in an archipelago. We take passage on board one of these schooners join in two or three days the first island in the Tuamotu group. The main destination of schooners being the transport of goods, the passengers are of secondary importance, comfortable and private. But the Tahitian always at ease, laughs always cranky passengers popa'a. This system will not let you convenience Does it not seem to have been added to regret ? It is a symbol… On the line ...

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