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Bande annonce de la chaîne Nature sur

An ode to the flora and fauna Polynesian : clear waters home to many species that will delight fans of diving, valleys and green mountains, all the treasures of the unspoilt beauty of Tahiti and its islands to discover the nature of chain., through the creation of an on-demand rich media platform, able to combine the functionality of the Web 2.0, allows the deployment of content across all media audiovisual communication (web 2.0., webtv, iphone, mobile tv, broadcast, etc.). Topicality, Tradition, Discovery, Nature, Sport and Design, the ...

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Sabrina Laughlin : We have a family activity, to the base, it is a pearl farm, it will be twenty years we are in pearl production. So fifteen years ago we opened the business visitors, they demonstrated complete production of the bead. Sure, they sell products on site that we leave the water, So pearls mounted or raw, such as I have here, beautiful beads Taha'a ... We also activities, of boating excursions. We made island tours by boat or mini van. It also opened a few months ago a restaurant ...

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The valleys of Tahiti. If Tahiti was told to me

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Les vallées de Tahiti. Si Tahiti m’était conté

This heavenly setting draws us. Come discover the charms of our cool valleys. Sun, greenery, water springing and leaping ! Everything is consistent with the description that gave the discoverers of Lands. Hundred meters of free fall ... It is ideal for bathing and inhabited by nymphs ! Distraction of all seasons as the weather never changes. Valley Papenoo, the deepest and most picturesque island. We encounter a mahu, human type that decency requires us to summarize under the name of androgynous. They are also highly sought after because of their domestic qualities ....

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The ascent of Orohena. If Tahiti was told to me

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L’ascension de l’Orohena. Si Tahiti m’était conté

Valleys and mountains we have yet to discover. After some preparations, we are launching an assault on the Orohena, top inviolate as seen here in the center. A thousand meters, during the first day, we are at the bottom of the sea of ​​clouds. If the vegetation is thick to the point of becoming very embarrassing soon, we encounter no unusual risk, point Polynesia wildlife. Before us, the ridge that leads us far a previous expedition reached without going further. But, unaccustomed to the humidity ...

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Tumoana, building canoes Vairao

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Tumoana, la construction de pirogues à Vairao

Marguerite Lai : That you follow your broadcast tower Mata'eina'a, hello. Father and son, what do they ? This is what we will discover today Vairao. Let us talk Tumoana canoes manufactured in molds ... Tumoana, hello. Hello Marguerite. I saw just now paint cans ... You paint houses ? Not, it is not that at all. These are pots of resin. There has also paint, for painting canoes. Here, we build canoes. How exactly do you do to carve canoes ? You bring the trunks of the valley far to prune ? Today, we do ...

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The Marquesas Islands in pictures

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Les îles Marquises tout en images

The Marquesas archipelago is also called : “Enua Enata” : land of the Marquesan language. Twelve islands inhabit this archipelago, only six are inhabited. The landscape is mainly composed of towering mountains and vast valleys green colors. Some beaches in edge of village, but the activities are mainly directed towards the interior of the island, where people move in horse, walk, or 4×4. Type : Series of magazines : The most beautiful pictures of French Polynesia with music : Tout...

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