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TheIbor Prokop, artist, musician and composer
We are in the valley of Tefa'aroa, to Arue, town near Papeete (Tahiti, French Polynesia) near a field bamboo in which I use the parts to make vivo (Flute nasale).
From the, I select my bamboo on a length of about one meter. After this choice, delineating where you made the cut with tape, to prevent breakage, as the bamboo breaks easily, So the tape prevents this kind of problem.

Then, one makes a phasing of the surface where there is the inlet hole, where you play through the nostril, that is flat, clean and smooth as well, that is pleasant to the touch. Then, we put the tape in preparation for the first piercing, the inlet hole, and also the tape along to a track which will then define the first holes for all the notes.

The length will be determined by the tones that will be used for each vivo. For some bamboos, where there is the node, is enclosed within. There is need to drill and clean, which can be something quite aesthetic as a node. It also allows to have a change of section within, which can be a source of difficulty but which can enrich the sound a little more. For example, quality by outside, section is a little more here about the knot and it looks like a room amplification.

From the first hole so, it was the setting, according to the pitch, and according to another also vivo. For example in vivo which is set in the, the first hole will be in the. « Model set by. »

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