Monoï… a name that evokes alone Tahiti and dream, the sun and the faraway. This is very much a small bottle with colored label, scented flowers and exotic.

En Polynésie française, land that saw the birth, it's a lifestyle, a product of daily multiple uses. On the island of Tahiti, Route of Monoi, true initiatory journey, vous invite à découvrir cette huile sacrée du Pacifique qui est aujourd’hui exportée dans le monde entier.Tout commence par la subtile rencontre entre la noix de coco and flower tiare Tahiti.

The handmade, Polynesians grate the fresh pulp of the coconut and mix with Tahitian tiare flowers, buds or blooming, fresh or dried according to recipes. Some add some small crabs abdomen or Bernard- the hermit, which has the effect of speeding up the process of separating oil.

The preparation is then left in the sun, until oil appears, Traditional Monoi, that can be filtered and some let rest a few days, sometimes a few months. Monoi has been subject 1992, date of the Designation of Origin, standards of raw material selection and quality. So, les tiare Tahiti, grown in plantations of hundreds or thousands of feet, are picked at dawn the button state.

These young flowers are then macerated in later 24 hours after picking. Oil, derived from copra, coconut harvested from reefs and soils to dry in the sun, comes from the oil mill Tahiti. The plant processes that copra oil first gross, then refined, to purify incidental impurities. After minimum 10 days maceration, 20% production of Monoi de Tahiti is conditioned to be marketed locally. The rest is exported as raw material to be integrated into care, tree, milk, shampoos, makeup… many products that are evolving.

Natural essences, from plant assets and different flavors, are often added Monoi. These mixtures, now tested and recognized in the field of pharmacopoeia Polynesian, have always existed in the mono'i. Still considered sacred in families, it is used in the Ra'au tahiti, Polynesian traditional medicine. It is also the basis for therapeutic massages that are still practiced in 5 archipelagos de la française Polynésie. So, the taurumi, expertise of traditional massage or therapeutic treatment is always based on Monoi. Deeply rooted in Polynesian, he inspired modernity care practiced in many spas of Tahiti and the islands experience a local craze and is now exported.

Monoi de Tahiti has become an ambassador of beauty and well-being made in Tahiti. Some local companies compete ingenuity and know-how to offer, the biggest international brands, innovative approaches. On the island of Tahiti, with its 22 stops, Monoi road can not only discover the’History Monoi, ancient rituals to modern applications, but also to discover or rediscover the island of Tahiti, into the lives of people, admirer les landscapes, simply travel in the Pacific magic…

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Realization: Claire Schwob
Realization: Claire Schwob Production :
Type : Institutional films Theme : Monoi, Product endemic tahiti Title : Tahitian Monoi Synopsis : Monoi… a name that evokes alone Tahiti and dream, the sun and the faraway. With the Route du Monoi, created by the Institute of Monoi, visitors can experience every step of the original product Tahitian : botanical, manufacturing, cosmetic research, etc. Unit length : 4 minutes Episodes: 5 Language : French, English, Tahitian, Japanese Formats : 16 9th, the webtv of Tahiti and her Islands : your virtual trip to French Polynesia through hundreds of video

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