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Monoi… the name alone conjures up Tahiti, a vision of sunshine and faraway islands… To many people, monoi is a small bottle with a colorful label and a floral, exotic fragrance. In French Polynesia, its birthplace, monoi is a way of life, a daily product with multiple uses.

On the island of Tahiti, the Monoi Road is a journey of initiation that will make you discover the sacred oil of the Pacific, now exported all over the world.

The story starts with the subtle marriage of coconut and tiare Tahiti flower.
In the traditional Polynesian method, fresh coconut is grated and mixed with tiare Tahiti flowers, open or still in bud, fresh or dried, depending on the “recipe”. Some people add the insides of small crabs or hermit crabs to speed up the exudation process.

The preparation is then left out in the sun, until the oil appears. This is traditional monoi, which is then filtered and left aside, from several days to several months, before use.Since 1992, when it received an Appellation of Origin label, monoï is subjected to strict standards in the selection of raw materials and quality.Tiare Tahiti flowers, grown in plantations of several hundreds or thousands of bushes, are harvested in buds in the early morning hours.

The young buds are then macerated, no longer than twenty-four hours after being collected. Copra oil – made from coconuts grown on coral soil and sun-dried – comes from the Tahiti Oil Mill.

The mill first transforms copra in crude oil, then refines it and gets rids of all impurities.After a minimum maceration period of ten days, twenty percent of the Tahitian monoi production is packaged for the domestic market. The remainder is exported as raw material for skin care, hair care, make up and cosmetics… an ever increasing range of derived products.Natural plant essences chosen for their various properties and fragrances are often added to monoi.These blends, long known in traditional Polynesian medicine, have always featured in the world of monoi, and they have now been tested in modern laboratories.

Still considered as sacred in Polynesian families, monoi is used in ra’au Tahiti, the ancestral Tahitian medicine.It also is the foundation of healing massages that are practiced to this day in the five archipelagos of French Polynesia. Taurumi, or traditional therapeutic massage, always involves monoi. A strong tradition of the Polynesians, it has inspired the many spas of Tahiti and her islands to create modern treatments that went from local success to international export.Monoï de Tahiti has become one of the ambassadors of beauty and wellness made in Tahiti. Local companies rival in know-how and ingeniousness to offer innovative formulas to the most prestigious international brands.The Monoi Road, with its twenty-two stops on the island of Tahiti, allows you to learn the history of monoi, from ancient rituals to modern applications, and also to discover or re-discover Tahiti, the daily life of its people, its magnificent views… a journey to the magic of the Pacific.

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Type : Films Institutional Theme : Monoi, Product endemic tahiti Title : Tahitian Monoi Synopsis : Monoi… a name that evokes alone Tahiti and dream, the sun and remote areas. With the Route du Monoi, created by the Institute of Monoi, visitors can experience every step of the original product Tahitian : botanical, manufacturing, cosmetic research, etc. Unit length : 4 minutes Episodes: 5 Language : French, English, Tahitian, Japanese Formats : 16 9th
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